Experts Discuss Telemedicine on Capitol Hill

Recently, experts testified before the House Small Business Committee about the impact of telemedicine on providers, patients and small practices. In the last few years, studies have examined how telemedicine impacts patient care, medication management, blood pressure and more. While the body of research is relatively young, telemedicine is proving to be a viable tool for improving health care. "Telemedicine has been demonstrated to mitigate many of our nation's significant challenges including disparities in access to care, workforce shortages, and geographic mal-distribution of providers," said Karen S. Rheuban, MD, FACC, professor of pediatrics and director of the University of Virginia Center for Telehealth, during her testimony before the committee. "Telemedicine improves patient triage and clinical outcomes, reduces the burden of travel for care, and fosters more timely access to care." Last week, ACC President Patrick T. O'Gara, MD, FACC, shared his perspective on how personalized medicine will impact the practice of cardiology in the future during a House Energy and Commerce Committee roundtable. Congressional meetings such as these are crucial for shaping health policy to meet the triple aim of better health, better outcomes and lower cost.

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