ACC Supports Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act

Recently, the ACC sent a letter of support for H.R. 4930 , the Advancing Care for Exceptional (ACE) Kids Act of 2014, legislation that would create nationally designated networks of physicians, children's hospitals and other providers to care for children with medical complexity under a Medicaid Children's Care Coordination program. The legislation, introduced by Reps. Joe Barton (R-6-TX) and Kathy Castor (D-14-FL), would facilitate more seamless care for children insured by Medicaid who see multiple providers across state lines. Co-sponsors are being sought for the bill, and the ACC has developed a model grassroots letter that members can use to ask their House Representatives to co-sponsor. To send a letter to your member of Congress, click here. A Senate version of the bill is being crafted but has not yet been introduced. The program, if passed by Congress and signed by the president, would be voluntary with state Medicaid agencies and providers "opting in" to reduce costs and paperwork burdens. Read more about this legislation.

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