FDA Recalls 12,000+ MRIs With GE Magnets

On Feb. 18, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a class I recall for almost 13,000 MRI systems with superconducting magnets developed by GE Healthcare. According to GE, the recall is the result of employee errors, specifically in disabling the Magnet Rundown Unit, which could result in life-threatening injuries. GE issued instructions to health care systems using the affected MRIs to check the unit for any errors in performance. Health care systems should be advised to discontinue use of the MRI and contact GE if problems arise.

Learn more about the devices included in the FDA recall.

Clinical Topics: Noninvasive Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Sleep Apnea

Keywords: United States Food and Drug Administration, Magnets, Mental Recall, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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