New Future of CV Medicine Track Explores Technology Advancements

ACC.15 will help prepare attendees for the future of cardiovascular medicine with a first-of-its kind experience: the Future of Cardiovascular Medicine Track – a pathway that will showcase the current and future technology landscape.

“Cardiology is one of the specialties that is continually pushing the envelope in new medicines, technologies, and innovative methodologies to enhance team-based care,” says Rick Nishimura, MD, MACC, co-chair of the Track. “Technology will be at the center of the way that we all practice medicine in the future.”

This pathway will feature the latest developments for everyone with a role in cardiovascular medicine:  providers, payers, academics and industry representatives. “Each of the 13 sessions could not be more different – each module has its own focus, but all are cutting edge,” explains Sanjeev Bhavnani, MD, who will chair the ACC.15 session on Mobile Technology in Health Care today from 2 to 3:30 p.m. in Room 20D. 

The unifying question linking each forward-looking session aims to answer the question, “What will the future of cardiovascular medicine look like in 2025?” Along with new technologies, the sessions will feature innovation in pharmaceuticals and changes in education and health care delivery. Sessions will focus on the Academic Medical Centers of the Future; Network and Precision Medicine; the Future of Medical Education; the Use of Social Media in CV Diseases; Big Data; Advances in Biotechnology; and more.

Attendees should expect to be fully engaged in the interactive experiences offered during these sessions. There will be many simulations and opportunities for hands-on experiences, and audiences will have LCD screens on their tables in order to participate in real time with demonstrations underway at the lectern. “It will feel more like a tent program and less like a lecture,” says Bhavnani.

Nishimura adds that the nature of cardiovascular education must evolve into a competency-based approach, so that the latest knowledge will successfully “be diffused out to our members when it is needed most – at the patient’s bedside, or in the office. That requires societies such as the ACC to offer the tools and technology to achieve this.” The ACC is currently implementing a shift from a “document exchange” to a “knowledge exchange” foundation, which will dramatically improve the care of patients in the future, Nishimura notes. 

Organizers hope that following the sessions at ACC.15, new collaborations will develop and more people will be excited about exploring the changes in cardiovascular medicine. “The challenge is how to integrate of-the-moment technology today, no matter where you are in your practices,” said Bhavnani.  

For a complete list of Future of Cardiovascular Medicine Sessions, visit the ACC.15 App.

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Rick Nishimura, MD, MACC, presenting the Future of Cardiovascular Medicine Track.

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