Celebrating 10 Years of the ACC’s Member Sections

ACC's Member Sections were born from a need for more specialized, topic-focused communities. Members wanted an opportunity to identify and develop initiatives to facilitate their career advancement and professional development with other like-minded professionals. Ten years ago, the pioneers of the ACC's first sections – Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology (ACPC) and Women in Cardiology (WIC) – never imagined that their contributions to the member sections would transform the ACC. Now, with 16 member sections and over 22,000 active participants, the voices of these sections not only provide a space for collaboration and development within a specialization or sub-section of cardiology, they also ensure that each of these specializations or sub-sections assist in improving the ACC.

A recent survey revealed that while most section members (62%) are enrolled in one section, almost two out of five section members (38%) are involved in two or more sections. Most members (60%) are very satisfied with their section experience and very likely to recommend participation to their peers (54%). Three out of four (78%) report involvement in the section, although much of this is soft. Sections provide value by keeping participants up-to-date in their specialty and providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

The ACC's member sections have a presence in approximately 99 countries, with over 1,400 international members involved in sections. Those international members constitute 33 chapters, including India, Brazil and the United Kingdom. With such diversity of interests and backgrounds of its members, the ACC strives to make section involvement unique for each member, no matter their clinical specialty.

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