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Faced with challenges relating to reimbursement, new maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements, worklife balance and rising practice costs, cardiovascular professionals are increasingly turning to the ACC for professional support, according to results from the 2014 Member Satisfaction Survey.CardioSurve March 2015

Overall results found that approximately 74% of the more than 1,000 members that took part in the survey are very satisfied with the College – up from 65% in 2007. This contentment with ACC is further illustrated in willingness to promote membership. Approximately 4 out of 5 professionals say they are very likely to recommend ACC membership to a colleague. In fact, 2 out of 3 members say they would choose the ACC over any other specialty society if forced to choose only one association in which to belong.

Becoming even more focused on member needs is a vital component of increasing the value and resources available to support professionals. The biggest pain point voiced by domestic members continues to be reimbursement, while international members are more likely to identify keeping up to date and creating a work-life balance as their top challenges. For U.S. physicians, MOC ranks second in terms of prominent issues, while those in training struggle to maintain a work-life balance. For non-physician members reimbursement is also a primary issue and work-life balance is a secondary concern. Clearly ACC advocacy must continue to be a focus for the College and broaden efforts both with lawmakers, accrediting bodies, payers and regulatory agencies. Workforce and practice management initiatives remain important with their emphasis on developing tools to reduce the burden on practices such as efforts to streamline the guideline process and leverage digital technologies to bring education and quality improvement tools to members when and where they need them.

CardioSurve March 2015Members also turn to other societies to support their professional needs. The majority of ACC members (77%) report holding membership in other professional organizations – on average belonging to approximately 2.5 additional professional societies or associations. More specialized societies such as ASE, SCAI, ESC, ASNC, and HRS also appeal strongly to cardiovascular professionals. In recognition of this need, the ACC is strengthening its collaborative efforts with other professional societies and organizations as part of its mission to educate cardiovascular professionals around the globe. As ACC President Patrick O'Gara, MD, FACC has stated, "We must work continuously to ensure the College is a leading force for cardiovascular professionals and their patients, and collaborate with other societies and professional organizations to advocate consistently and with one voice."

Increasing involvement in and satisfaction with ACC Chapters and Sections is another way in which the College can continue to build relevance, create communities, listen to member needs and provide support. "By engaging at the grassroots level through our domestic and international chapters, councils, sections, and committees, we can ensure open and dynamic lines of communication with the College's Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, Officers and staff," stated Dr. O'Gara.

“It is our belief that there is no better time to practice cardiovascular medicine. While challenges abound, supporting practice excellence with tools to enhance quality and value distinguishes the ACC commitment to its members.” — John Gordon Harold, MD, MACC; Patrick T. O’Gara, MD, FACC; Richard Chazal, MD, FACC

Research revealed that of the 17 benefits tested, those most valued continue to be JACC and clinical guidelines followed by the ACC website and access to discounted educational resources such as MOC, live courses, and digital products. Only 2% say that none of the benefits appealed to them, while 4% find all of the member benefits appealing. Professionals are also taking advantage of the many benefits at their disposal. More than nine-in-ten report usage of the popular clinical guidelines, JACC and, saying that they are very satisfied with these resources.

Delivering important member benefits, including JACC journals, clinical guidelines and educational programs and products, in a timely and more personalized manner is another important strategy. The new website, with its enhanced Section pages and more than 20 clinical topic hubs, is one example of how the College is working to provide members with the specialized information they need in a timely and focused fashion.

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