Health Care Innovation Takes the Stage at ACC.15

An exciting competition featuring promising startup companies tackling major challenges in the areas of education, energy, cities and health has been taking place in cities around the globe – from Nairobi, Kenya, to Washington, DC.

Produced by 1776, of which the ACC is a partner, this global Challenge Cup competition provides an opportunity for companies to connect with prominent entrepreneurs, investors, customers and partners over a two-day period. At each competition, up to 40 startups present one-minute pitches, with eight moving on to a five-minute pitch round. The final four winners (one in each of the categories) move on to participate in the Challenge Cup Global Finals that will take place in Washington, DC, in May.

Today at the Innovation Stage, (Expo Hall #1147), several of these health care Challenge Cup winners will pitch their ideas and take part in a special panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities for innovation in the health care space, including cardiology. The “Health Care Innovation Around the World” session will take place today from 12:30 to 2 p.m. Presentations will include:

Coeo Labs
Nitesh Kumar Jangir and Nachiket Deval

Coeo Labs is a medical technology startup committed to developing cheap and affordable medical innovations projects for critical unmet needs. It has developed a new way to reduce the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia.

Pratap Kuma

Health-E-Net is a social enterprise providing patients with easy access to high-quality medical second opinions that empower them to make the best decisions for themselves. The startup helps patients in developing countries connect with remotely located, volunteer medical specialists over an electronic platform.

Keet Software
Jon Read

Keet is a HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform for physical therapy that transforms traditional paper-based therapy programs into branded and tracked web-based mobile applications. The system was designed from the ground up to increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes, and lower the overall cost of physical therapy.

Tal Givoly
Tel Aviv

Medivizor interprets the infinitum of data out there and tailors it for you! No more extraneous facts and useless data. Medivizor looks at your medical history and creates a personalized profile that provides you with all relevant information and updates.

Nishi Rawat
New York City

OpenBeds facilitates transferring patients between hospitals to get them the specialty care they need.

Roger Price

ResQdevices created the ParaCart, a compact combination of a stretcher and “stair chair,” and the LineSaver, body armour for your IV cannulas for use by paramedics.

“The Challenge Cup provides a unique forum for startups from around the world to showcase solutions to global challenges like health care,” said Jeffrey Soble, MD, who will lead the ACC.15 panel discussion. “Cardiology as a specialty and the ACC as an organization have been on the forefront of health care innovation, both through technology and programs focused on measureable outcomes, guidelines and appropriate use. There is tremendous opportunity to bring together our expertise with the startup community to accelerate the next generation of cardiovascular innovation.”

To date, winners in the health care category have ranged from a company using mobile technology to help pregnant women reach their doctors between appointments, to others that are using SmartPhones to fit amputees for prosthesis’ or helping clinics in the developing world avoid “stock outs” in which their supplies run dry.

“Getting involved with the Challenge Cup and 1776 in general is part of the College’s innovation agenda,” says Kevin Fitzpatrick, ACC executive vice president and newly appointed chief innovation officer. “This is an unprecedented opportunity to mix with and learn from innovative people working on various problems in a novel way. Some of these solutions will be directly applicable to the College’s strategic priorities.”

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