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For several years clinicians have relied on a variety of clinical sources such as,, PubMed/MEDLINE,, Medscape and many others to support their practices, and each of these resources has its own areas of focus, strengths and merits. However, in terms of being the leading source for cardiovascular issues, education and the latest updates, cardiologists turn to the ACC for resources such as and SAPs.

CardioSurve August 2015According to a recent CardioSurve survey of 160 cardiologists, more than four out of five (81%) cardiologists access to support their professional roles. Clinicians indicate the access they have via the website to clinical guidelines, online journal articles, and general educational needs and credit as their primary reasons for visiting Noted one cardiologist from Texas, "Pretty much all of my clinical questions can be found on one site," and another from Florida said, " is a complete source of information and education."

The new – which launched in January 2015 to provide users with faster, more complete access to the College’s trusted scientific and educational content and practice management tools – features mobile optimization, personalization options, streamlined navigation and improved search performance

According to the survey, a majority of cardiologists (68%) note that does a good job providing newsworthy items related to cardiology. Other performance features members enjoy are access to ACC’s archives (59%) and personalized content for subspecialties through the 20 Clinical Topic Collections (52%). Interestingly, private practice cardiologists are the most frequent visitors to the website.

In addition to, cardiovascular clinicians also use the College’s education tools such as EchoSAP and CathSAP as means of staying current on their certifications. A majority of those who purchased EchoSAP used it to attain continuing medical credit in echocardiography. Over half (57%) indicate that the case studies have been the most helpful elements, followed by questions and the image library. Moving forward, nearly half of cardiologists suggest including both video and text content for their echocardiography learning products.


These results mirror the feedback given by interventional cardiologists about CathSAP. Over 70% of domestic interventionalists surveyed have purchased CathSAP and almost half of those clinicians have used the product to prepare for their initial certification or a first recertification exam. Of note, a majority of international interventionalists (56%) use CathSAP to get an overview of interventional cardiology. In terms of features, a majority of CathSAP users indicate a preference for a combination of questions and text within the educational program.

Whether through or education products like EchoSAP and CathSAP, the College is committed to ensuring these resources continue to evolve and grow to the meet the needs of members around the globe. Key to success, according to many clinicians, is the ability to leverage new and emerging digital technologies to enable timely updates, cost-effective access and multiple media formats.

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