Clinical Topic Collections Feature Personalized Content

The Pulse of ACC | The Clinical Topic Collections on are designed to deliver more personalized content. Led by expert editorial teams, the 20 Clinical Topic Collections house a variety of learning formats to meet ongoing educational needs: expert analysis articles, article reviews, patient case quizzes and clinical images. Clinical Topic Collection editorial teams identify the most relevant topics in their areas, and have recently included responses to updated data surrounding PCSK9 inhibitors, transparency and public reporting in congenital pediatric cardiac surgery, anticoagulation and chronic kidney disease, and more. These collections also use advanced technology to pull in the latest in cardiology – journal scans, clinical trial summaries and news stories – as well as certified educational activities and meetings. These Collections also provide links to related Member Section pages, for users who are logged in as an ACC member.

Visit to see a full listing of available topical areas. ACC members should log in to to sign up for email notifications when new content is posted. Click on the "Notify Me" button in the upper right-hand corner of a given Clinical Topic Collection to sign up for immediate, daily or weekly notifications.

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