ACC Appoints New Annual Scientific Session Vice Chair

The ACC has announced the appointment of Andrew M. Kates, MD, FACC, to the position of vice chair of the ACC Annual Scientific Session. Kates will serve as vice chair during ACC.17 and ACC.18, and will assume the chair position for ACC.19 and ACC.20.

The position was developed to ensure consistent leadership and allow for continual improvement of ACC's flagship Annual Scientific Session. Kates was selected and approved by the Lifelong Learning Oversight Committee.

"Dr. Kates is an exceptional choice for this critical role at the College," said ACC President Kim Allan Williams Sr., MD, FACC. "His long history of working to expand and improve educational opportunities for the cardiovascular community shows a commitment to innovation and excellence that will not only keep the meeting’s mission on course, but also guide it to new heights in the future."

Kates is an associate professor of medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, where he serves as the Cardiology Fellowship Program Director. He has led a variety of ACC educational activities over the years, and is presently the core curriculum course chair for the ACC Annual Scientific Session, co-director of the “Best of ACC” live course, and chair of the education workgroup on the ACC Academic Cardiology Council. He also serves as ACC governor-elect for the state of Missouri.

Keywords: Curriculum, Fellowships and Scholarships, Government, Leadership

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