Member Trends: Cardiologists Over 60 Active and Engaged

ACC members aged 61 and older remain actively involved in the College's educational and professional offerings, according to the results of a recent CardioSurve analysis. This member segment — which has grown since 2006 by 17 percent to 11,598 members — should be considered a rich source of knowledge and mentorship for those clinicians who are earlier in their careers.

Data has shown that the majority (78%) of members aged 61+ specialize in adult cardiology, with the remaining identifying themselves as active in interventional cardiology, surgery, pediatric cardiology, electrophysiology, echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. As a result of these interests, more than 3,000 members over the age of 60 are participating in at least one of ACC's Member Sections, with the Cardiovascular Interventional Section being the most popular (48%).

The analysis also found the College's educational offerings to be popular among this member segment. Nearly 3,500 domestic members over the age of 60 have purchased an ACC education product in the past four years, including ECHOSAP (33%), ACCSAP (24%) and Journal of the American College of Cardiology Journals (19%). ACC's live programs, particularly the College's flagship Annual Scientific Session, are also popular among cardiologists over 60. Of the more than 4,000 over 60 clinicians, who attended an ACC live educational session over the past four years, two out of three (67%) have gone to the Annual Scientific Session.

The College is using the findings from this analysis to identify ways to leverage the engagement and commitment of its members over 60 to reach other groups of members. Through mentoring programs and faculty training programs, ACC's older members can play a key role in encouraging engagement with and affinity for the College. Additionally, programs focused on identifying emerging leaders, advocates and faculty are providing unprecedented opportunities to boost engagement among younger cardiologists with the hopes of creating another surge of active older members in the years to come.

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