ACC Global Education Program on Heart Disease Prevention Expands to 10 Countries

In celebration of World Heart Day on Sept. 29, the ACC is kicking off its largest ever global education program. The program, supported by Pfizer, will provide physicians and hospital systems in 10 countries with access to the latest science, technology, resources and tools needed to stem the rising tide of cardiovascular disease and equip patients with the knowledge necessary to manage their cardiovascular health.

Building on the success of ACC's cardiovascular disease prevention program in China this year, the College will expand the program to reach thousands more doctors in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Throughout the program, the ACC will be partnering with its extensive network of international chapters and working with local cardiology societies to customize the education in a way that meets the unique needs of physicians, patient communities and health care systems in these countries.

"As René Dubos famously stated, we need to ‘think globally, act locally.' To be effective in changing the culture around treating and preventing heart disease, you have to reach clinicians where they live and practice and beyond a single intervention," said Daniel José Piñeiro, MD, FACC, chair of ACC's Assembly of International Governors. "We are committed to working with our colleagues in ACC's international chapters to implement this program in a way that achieves maximum impact and furthers the College's mission to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve patient care on a global scale."

Participants will have access to a three-part webinar series on cardiovascular disease prevention, including primary prevention, secondary prevention for patients that have experienced an acute event, and prevention for patients with multiple risk factors. To reinforce the education delivered in the webinars, the ACC will be designing social media materials on the latest science and developments surrounding cardiovascular disease prevention that will be disseminated on the social media platforms of each country that is participating in the program.

"Pfizer's global partnership with the ACC to address cardiovascular educational needs underscores our commitment to decrease the global burden of this disease," said Salomon Azoulay, MD, senior vice president and Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer Essential Health. "With the program in China that Pfizer and ACC announced in January reaching more than 350 hospitals so far, expanding to other countries is a critical next step in ensuring high-quality cardiovascular education worldwide. We are proud that Pfizer's global footprint and local reach provide an opportunity to support these efforts, with the goal of improving cardiovascular patient outcomes globally."

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