Creating an Education Environment to Spur Innovation in Medicine and Science

The commitment of Biykem Bozkurt, MD, PhD, FACC, to teaching is as steadfast as the sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park that she loves to visit with her young family. Equally as steadfast has been the recognition of her natural gift as an educator, starting with awards when she was a chief resident and junior faculty. Most recently, the ACC recognized her with its Gifted Educator Award at ACC.16.

“Teaching is the best way to learn and remain at the forefront of medicine and science, pushing me to be current and relevant,” says Bozkurt, who is a professor of medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. She is also the cardiology section chief and medical care line executive (department of medicine chief) at the DeBakey VA Medical Center, associate director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute and director of the Winters Center for Heart Failure Research at Baylor.

Early role models such as Edward C. Lynch, MD; Stephen B Greenberg, MD; Andrew I. Schafer, MD; and Douglas L. Mann, MD, FACC, instilled in her the integral role of teaching to being a good physician, scientist, and researcher, and she places a high value on developing the next generation. During her time as associate director of the Clinical Scientist Training program at Baylor, Bozkurt led the career development of MS and PhD candidates and junior faculty, including being a classroom educator and teaching writing for scientific publications and grants.

As a faculty advisor for faculty promotions, she provides classroom education and workshops for clinical educators at Baylor to provide skills development within their track. For training the next generation of educators, Bozkurt also teaches medical students and residents about how to teach through simulation sessions and works with junior faculty on portfolio development. “By pushing the boundaries of our knowledge, my learners and I create an environment that contributes to innovation, which I treasure,” says Bozkurt.

The theme of education is infused throughout her service work, too. Viewing guidelines as an education tool, she serves on the ACC Task Force for Clinical Practice Guidelines, and is chair-elect for the ACC/American Heart Association Task Force for Data Standards – a platform for teaching terminology to providers.

Bozkurt uses her leadership as chair of the College’s Heart Failure and Transplant Section to educate trainees and practitioners, as well as patients, about heart failure care. She also serves on the American Board of Internal Medicine question writing committee for heart failure.

First recognized by the ACC with the Proctor Harvey Young Teacher Award as a junior faculty member and Emerging ACC Faculty, Bozkurt acknowledges Patrick T. O’Gara, MD, MACC, and Rick A. Nishimura, MD, MACC, as two outstanding educators who established the ACC Emerging Faculty Program and who inspired her commitment to teaching.

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