CardioSmart: Benefitting Patients and Clinicians

The ACC started its patient-centered CardioSmart initiative to encourage patients to play an active role in their own heart health and empower them to make better, healthier lifestyle choices. The program offers a number of resources for clinicians, ranging from popular infographic posters, mobile apps and shared decision-making tools, patient-focused video programming for waiting rooms, and a robust website featuring patient stories, fact sheets, and tips on how to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and risk factors.What should ACC develop to further support CardioSmart

In a recent CardioSurve survey, 38% of cardiologists indicate that they are familiar with CardioSmart and more than 1 out of 5 cardiologists (22%) state that they have used CardioSmart materials or resources for their patients. Among those cardiologists, more than half (59%) note that they send patients to the CardioSmart website while approximately 1 out of 4 share CardioSmart fact sheets (29%), brochures (26%) or infographic posters (24%) to help inform their patient populations. One in 10 of these clinicians (12%) also report using the CardioSmart iPad app.Key benefits of CardioSmart

Furthermore, among cardiologists leveraging CardioSmart resources, their collective perception is that they are very effective. Four out of five cardiologists (80%) believe that the CardioSmart fact sheets are very beneficial tools for their patients. Additionally, the vast majority of these cardiologists feel that the CardioSmart brochures (77%), website (75%), and the infographic posters (63%) are very helpful to patients as well.

Nearly all of the clinicians (90%) who are using CardioSmart state they have seen at least one key benefit from participating, foremost of which is providing important resources to supplement an office visit (55%). Clinicians also note that CardioSmart tools help enhance communication with patients and provide patients with access to authoritative educational information. "[It is] extremely essential for patients to understand their disease state, treatment and adherence to their individualized treatment plan. Further education only enhances their understanding, especially with the small amount of time one can spend in the office visit," said one CardioSmart clinician.Most commonly used CardioSmart Materials

In addition to its current value, cardiologists see potential in CardioSmart's future. The majority of clinicians (54%) surveyed say they would be interested in a CardioSmart patient app branded to their practice as part of the continuing evolution of the program. They also showed interest in the development of written and audio education modules for patients and caregivers (46%), lifestyle health coaching programs (43%) and the integration of patient education materials into electronic health records (39%).

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