Beneficiary Engagement and Incentives Models

In December, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation announced two new models, Shared Decision Making (SDM) and Direct Decision Support (DDS), collectively referred to as the Beneficiary Engagement and Incentives Models. The SDM model will test a structured, four-step shared decision making process in the clinical practice of practitioners participating in ACOs. The four steps identify SDM eligible beneficiaries, distributing Patient Decision Aid (PDA) to eligible beneficiaries, furnishing the SDM service and SDM tracking and reporting. The DDS model will test an approach to shared decision making provided outside of the clinical delivery system by an organization that provides health management and decision support services. These models encourage physician-patient communication by considering beneficiary preferences and values surrounding medical treatment choices. PDAs are an important facet of these models. Applications open on Jan. 28 and letters of intent are being accepted until March 5. 

Keywords: Decision Making, Decision Support Techniques, Medicaid, Medicare, Physician-Patient Relations

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