ACC.17 Expo Showcases the Latest Innovations in CV Products and Services

The ACC.17 Expo continues to be the largest global gathering for cardiovascular innovation, with more than 290 companies and organizations showcasing the latest advances in cardiology. Attendees will have a total of 19 hours over three days to explore the exhibits in the Expo hall, where industry representatives will be on-hand to provide information on the newest innovative pharmaceuticals, imaging, devices, technologies, and services needed to provide high-quality patient care.

The ACC.17 Expo is located on the Lower Level of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. on Friday, March 17 and Saturday March 18, and from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 19.

ACC.17 Expo highlights include the Specialty Areas, Learning Destinations, and dining areas.

Specialty Areas

ACC Central
Stop by ACC Central, Booth #739, for comprehensive information on ACC’s new and ongoing quality initiatives, NCDR registries and research, ACC Accreditation Services, and self-assessment tools. Attendees will find information on live meetings, membership opportunities, and tips for ensuring practice viability and protecting patient access. In addition, ACC has designed exciting new products and services to help translate research findings and data into practice. Stop by the ACC Store, Booth #1052, and get official ACC gear including polo shirts, jackets and more!

Health IT Pavilion
ACC is committed to assisting its members in adopting and implementing health information technology (IT) to promote quality in cardiovascular care. At the Health IT Pavilion, nearly three dozen companies and consultants will showcase their products, services, and technologies to help health care providers enhance, improve and streamline patient care.

International Chapters
Representatives of 26 of ACC’s International Chapters will be in Washington, DC to welcome colleagues and discuss issues relevant to the practice of cardiology in their home countries.

Interventional Pavilion
A visit to the Interventional Pavilion will help interventional and general cardiologists keep up with the latest technologies, devices and services coming into the interventional cardiology marketplace. Learn about groundbreaking products, services and technologies for interventional cardiology.

Patient Engagement Pavilion
The Patient Engagement Pavilion highlights ACC’s commitment to quality patient-centered care. Here, presenters will showcase their programs, tools, and resources designed to empower patients, cardiovascular clinicians, and caregivers to work together to improve cardiovascular outcomes, reduce the cost of care and improve patient satisfaction.

Learning Destinations

Industry-Expert Theaters
Presentations have been conveniently scheduled in the Industry-Expert Theaters during the daily breaks. Expert presenters will share the latest in cardiovascular practices, services and technologies while attendees enjoy refreshments or lunch. Presentation topics will include reversal agents in anticoagulation care, emerging anti-thrombotic risk reduction strategies, a focused clinical review of a current therapy for additional LDL-C lowering, wearable cardioverter defibrillators, recent updates to the heart failure guidelines, the new MR guidelines, the role of natriuretic peptides in heart failure, and new clinical trial data on a type 2 diabetes treatment.

Innovation Stage
The Innovation Stage is a unique venue where attendees can enjoy 30-minute presentations in a relaxed setting and intimate format. Presentations will focus on topics including the goal-oriented approach in pulmonary artery hypertension, an exploration in thrombosis risk reduction, treatment options for atrial fibrillation, neurogenic orthostatic hypotension, managing the risk of contrast-induced acute kidney injury and more.

Interactive Learning Labs
The Interactive Learning Labs will engage attendees in participatory hands-on training and interactive presentations. Attendees will learn about new information and technologies that provide valuable tools for use in daily practice. The scheduled interactive learning sessions include topics such as “Advancing the Treatment of Heart Failure,” “Advanced Heart Failure and VAD Therapy,” “Identifying the nOH Patient in the Cardiology Clinic,” “nOH treatment,” “Orthostatics,” and more.


ACC.17 Expo will include a number of accessible, healthy choices for attendees to stay fueled while participating in the important meetings and sessions during the conference. Bistro ACC will serve an all-inclusive buffet lunch with assorted menu options. Quick, to-go options will be available at other dining venues.


Clinical Topics: Arrhythmias and Clinical EP, Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies, Prevention, Implantable Devices, SCD/Ventricular Arrhythmias, Atrial Fibrillation/Supraventricular Arrhythmias, Acute Heart Failure, Hypertension

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