Increasing Registry Engagement at Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute

Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute (VHVI), located in Nashville, TN, currently participates in nine clinical registries – including ACC’s CathPCI Registry, ACTION Registry, ICD Registry, LAAO Registry and STS/ACC TVT Registry – but until recently there was limited engagement by the VHVI clinical teams. In a poster presented during NCDR.17, Barbara Jenkins, MA, et al., outlined how the VHVI Registry Coordinator team sought to understand this lack of engagement and how they eliminated those barriers.

Three main barriers were identified: a lack of understanding registry field and metric definitions, a lack of confidence in the processes and a lack of utility in registry-based performance reporting. From this information, the Registry Coordinator team developed three corresponding tactics to elevate the clinical team’s engagement levels. By providing actual cases and demonstrating metric “drill-downs,” participating in routine team meetings with the clinical team and developing a dashboard to track and share measures, the VHVI Registry Coordinator team improved overall documentation and chose to publicly report performance on three of its nine registries, including ACC’s CathPCI and ICD Registries.

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Keywords: ACC Publications, Cardiology Magazine, Documentation, Mental Processes, Registries, National Cardiovascular Data Registries, ACTION Registry, ICD Registry, STS/ACC TVT Registry, CathPCI Registry

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