President Signs Executive Order Reshaping Health Care System

On Oct. 12, President Donald Trump signed an executive order intended to expand access to association health plans, expand access to short-term health plans and expand the use of health reimbursement accounts, among other things. The order comes after failed efforts in both the House and Senate to pass legislation that would repeal provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The full extent of the effects will not be immediately clear, as the order largely does not make changes itself; rather it directs agencies to issue new regulations or guidance. Any new rules will need to go through a notice and comment period.

Some policy and industry analysts have suggested the proposed changes could destabilize the insurance market, causing certain premiums to spike. The ACC remains steadfast in urging all policy makers to prioritize access to affordable coverage and preventative care in the development of all health reform efforts, in accordance with the College's Principles for Health Reform.

Keywords: United States, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Health Care Reform, Health Planning, Delivery of Health Care, Policy

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