Heart of Health Policy Coding Corner | Practice Made Perfect: Reduce Coding and Documentation Error

The latest Practice Made Perfect podcast, titled Coding & Documentation, offers an overview of what clinicians need to know about coding and documenting their evaluation and management (E/M), with a focus on critical elements that often lead to coding errors.

Featuring Linda Gates-Striby, the podcast highlights the reasons why it’s more important than ever to ensure proper coding and documentation of all services rendered, including the fact that pretty much every payer is looking at claims data. In addition, Gates-Striby provides documentation tips, defines key terms, outlines three key element of E/M services, and more.

Developed by ACC President C. Michael Valentine, MD, FACC, the Practice Made Perfect podcast series aims to help clinicians sharpen their nonclinical competencies through expert discussions on career and leadership development topics. Earlier episodes of the podcast include Contracts 101 and Finding a Job After Fellowship. Listen to the entire series at ACC.org/PracticeMadePerfect, or find it on iTunes or Google Play.

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