A Snapshot of Our Work

Patient count: 150
Ultrasound count: 2
Echo count: 3
Labs with iStat Machine: 3

The locale was unchanged and the clinic was just as busy today as yesterday in Nako. Fortunately, we didn’t have to deal with a sandstorm this time around. We got to see more patients as we settled into a flow and pattern of how the clinics were going to run. We had a lot of school-age children, pushing us to brush up a bit on pediatric medicine.

We had a treat this morning as we got a chance to stop by the village school (housing grades K-12) and were able to observe the morning assembly. I have a great video of this, which you will find in the gallery below. The children were all very well behaved and the school headmaster was a very nice lady. We got to tour the classrooms, make some new friends and many of the kids came by for check-ups later that afternoon.

We saw a wide variety of ailments today and did a few echoes, but didn’t find anything too unusual. The students who had their echo teaching sessions the night before got to spend some time scanning their patients today.

After clinic, we went hiking just east of our guest houses, where we found a religious (Buddhist) area overlooking Nako. We also found many stones with intricate carvings likely dating back 1,000 years or more.

Later, when we returned to our guest houses, we celebrated Sajeed Ali’s 23rd birthday with cake!

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