Poll Results: CTO PCI

The most recent poll addressed the increasing experience with chronic total occlusion (CTO) percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with radial access. Until recently, most operators have used femoral access for better support and to address the complexity. However, there are increasing reports of operators utilizing radial access. The purpose of this poll was to gather a clinical perspective on changes in access site and the impact on success.

Slightly less than half (40%) of the respondents have not increased radial use. For those who use radial, success rates are noted to be similar to the use of femoral. Obviously, the use of either access site is subject to operator decision, and those selection biases based on operator experience may affect the lack of difference in outcome given incomplete conversion to radial access for CTOs.

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Poll Results: CTO PCI

Keywords: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, Coronary Occlusion, Coronary Angiography

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