Poll Results: Results of ISCHEMIA

First, thanks to all who responded. This is the largest response in over 2 years of polls on this site. I hope this reflects an increasing interest in this site and the polls. But I recognize that the response rate may also partially reflect interest in and even concern about the potential results of ISCHEMIA (International Study Of Comparative Health Effectiveness With Medical And Invasive Approaches).

Over half of respondents believe the results will show no outcome benefit for revascularization targeting relief of ischemia given a frequent belief that alleviating ischemia is important to improved survival outcomes. Respondents even more strongly believed that including "softer," less specifically ischemia-related endpoints would diminish the significance of the trial. These are interesting and provocative results reflecting respondents' concern about the potential meaning of the study.

The trial results will be presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2019 in less than a month. I plan to follow up with another poll after the trial presentation, so stay tuned and please keep up the responses!

Poll Results: Results of ISCHEMIA

Keywords: American Heart Association, Follow-Up Studies, Ischemia, Vascular Surgical Procedures, Angiography

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