NCDR, ACC Accreditation Services Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic

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The ACC recognizes the incredible challenge hospitals and front-line workers are facing while providing lifesaving measures for their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, the NCDR and ACC Accreditation Services teams have taken the following steps to mitigate administrative burden and also help participating hospitals and institutions continue to understand and manage the care provided to cardiovascular patients, including those with COVID-19.

NCDR Registries

  • The NCDR has simplified/unified data abstraction for clinical scenarios such as STEMI treatment, cardiac rehabilitation, patient follow-up and other specific scenarios. Get the details.
  • COVID-19 data are now being collected through the NCDR Chest Pain – MI Registry and the CathPCI Registry to capture the relationship between COVID-19 and heart disease and maximize data on the cardiac impact of the virus. Unlike other new COVID-19 registries, hospitals and systems already participating in both registries will not need to join a new registry or engage in a new way to submit their data. Learn more.

Questions can be directed to

Accreditation Services

  • Alternatives to address variable needs and resource capacities have been developed with options for amended requirements, site reviews, and data collection and submission. Up-to-date information is available at

Accreditation Services customers can email questions to

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