Southern China Team Wins “FIT Jeopardy!” Competition at Great Wall 2020

The team from Ji'Nan University in Southern China took home the win in ACC's "FIT Jeopardy!" competition at the annual the Great Wall International Cardiology Conference (GWICC).

Seven teams from around China applied for and were chosen to participate in two qualifying rounds held on Oct. 9, with the winning two teams from each round competing in the final FIT Jeopardy! competition at GWICC. ACC Board of Governors Chair Daniel Philbin, MD, FACC, and ACC's China Ambassador Aaron D. Kugelmass, MD, FACC, served as judges for the event.

The following teams competed in the first set of qualifying rounds (listed in order of score):

Round A

  1. The First Affiliated Hospital of Ji'Nan University of Guangdong Province
  2. Peking University First Hospital
  3. Fuwai Hospital, CAMS
  4. Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University/Fujian Provincial Hospital (combined team)

Round B

  1. Peking University Third Hospital (tie)
  1. General Hospital of Northern Theater Command (tie)
  2. Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Although the questions were not easy, the qualifying rounds went fast, as the topics were familiar to the competitors. The final competition, however, was quite challenging with questions covering topics like hemodynamics, echocardiography, congenital heart disease, electrophysiology and pharmacology. Each of the members of the winning team received a cash prize of RMB 3,000.

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