ACC, Evidation Health Announce Program to Help Individuals Monitor, Improve CV Health

The ACC is joining forces with Evidation Health to co-develop and launch Achievement for Heart Health – a health engagement experience built on Evidation's Achievement platform – that will make it easier than ever before for individuals to better understand and engage with their cardiovascular health outside clinic-based settings.

Achievement for Heart Health is an individualized, curated health program, co-developed by a team of experts from the ACC, that empowers individuals to better manage their heart health from anywhere. Through the program, which will initially focus on heart failure, individuals will be able to continuously monitor and learn from data relevant to their cardiovascular health from the comfort of their home. Individuals can share activity, sleep, blood pressure, and symptom information, including permissioned app and wearable data. Participants will also receive personalized, evidence-based educational content on topics like heart medications, nutrition, and stress management from ACC's CardioSmart program.

"The Achievement for Heart Health program will help the ACC and our research partners better understand the complex, individualized patient journey of those with heart failure, with a goal of improving how patients live with and manage one of the most common cardiovascular conditions affecting Americans today," said ACC Chief Innovation and Science and Quality Officer John S. Rumsfeld, MD, PhD, FACC. "The combination of Evidation's platform and ACC's clinical and scientific expertise will enable groundbreaking opportunities to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health and outcomes."

"We are proud to collaborate with the ACC, which is already leading the digital transformation of cardiovascular care delivery, to broadly expand individuals' access to their world class expertise, research, and educational resources, " said Deborah Kilpatrick, PhD, Co-CEO of Evidation. "Together with the ACC, we look forward to collaborating with researchers and sponsors who are committed to developing products and services that are directly informed by patients in their everyday life."

The Achievement for Heart Health program will be open to collaborators following Evidation's consent-per-use model, where participants provide consent for each program in which they participate and receive compensation for their contribution to research. Achievement, Evidation's app and network of nearly 4 million individuals, is the largest and most demographically and geographically diverse connected cohort in the U.S., representing 50 states and nine out of every 10 ZIP codes nationwide.

The ACC and Evidation invite collaborators who share an interest in developing new ways to empower individuals to better manage their heart health to reach out at

Clinical Topics: Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies, Acute Heart Failure

Keywords: Blood Pressure, Goals, Blood Pressure Determination, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cohort Studies, Heart Failure, Informed Consent, Longitudinal Studies, Innovation

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