ACC.21 FIT Jeopardy State Chapter Finalists Announced

The ACC is excited to announce the final state teams that will face off in the sixth annual FIT Jeopardy: Battle of the Chapters competition during ACC.21 Virtual, held May 15 – 17.

These teams of finalists, each comprised of three Fellows in Training, have won competitions at the State Chapter level – all of which were held virtually over the past two months.

FIT Jeopardy is a friendly competition allowing teams of Fellows in Training from state and international chapters to test their clinical knowledge and compete for the title of FIT Jeopardy Champion. The competition promotes a healthy rivalry between ACC Chapters, fosters FIT engagement and provides educational value to both the contestants and the audience. International teams will be announced in the coming months.

"A thrilling aspect of the competition was the visible team spirit, team cooperation and game sportsmanship – all of which are critical non-clinical skills and part of the goals of the FIT Jeopardy competition," said Nkechinyere Ijioma, MBBS, FACC, chair of the Board of Governors Jeopardy Committee.

Stay tuned for more information on the specific dates and times of the finals taking place during ACC.21 at and don't forget to congratulate the winning teams on social media using #ACC21 and #ACCFIT.

Congratulations to the following finalists:

Muhammad Rafique, MD
Siva Chiranjeevi, MD
Nilarun Chowdhuri, MD

Anand Senthil, MD
Hasan Ashraf, MD
Katie Murphy, MD

Naga Sai Shravan, MD
Turaga Dinesh Voruganti, MD
Hani Alturkmani, MD

Maggie Ning, MD
Neil Kalwani, MD
Ashish Sarraju, MD

Aaron Emmons, MD
Stanley Swat, MD
Christine Sailer, MD

Natalija Odanovic, MD
Sonal Pruthi, MD
Samuel Reinhardt, MD

District of Columbia 
Seth Meltzer, MD
Neil Mehta, MD
Nitin Malik, MD

Deepti Upparapalli, MD
Amar Kaneria, MD
Jay Patel, MD

Nader Lamaa, MD
Tasleem Katchi, MD
Linda Ferrer, MD

Logan Eberly, MD
Marvin Lu, MD
Pradhum Ram, MD

Udit Joshi, MD
Ezequiel Munoz, MD
Jishanth Mattumpuram, MD

Chris Janish, MD
Vatsal Bajpai, MD
Sujoy Phookan, MD

Emmanuel Akintoye, MD
Corina Iorgoveanu, MD
Phani Sistla, MD

Siva Taduru, MD
Maya Safarova, MD
Grant McKinley, MD

Kristopher Pfirman, MD
Saif Al Qaisi, MD
Sameer Saleem, MD

Robert Drutel, MD
Syed Saad, MD
Ala Mohsen, MD

Ethan Tumarkin, MD
Paul Scheel, MD
Nino Isakadze, MD

Shiv Bagga, MD
Maiwand Mirwais, MD
Sonu Abraham, MD

Aurn Kahlon, MD
Thomas O'Connell, MD
Travis Tagami, MD

Jared Hornberger, MD
Ardalon Farhat-Sabet, MD
Seth Klusewitz, MD

James Lloyd, MD
Fatima M. Ezzeddine, MD
Nick Tan, MD

Will Nichols, MD
Patrick Dauphin, MD
Varun Sardar, MD

Jonathan Wolfe, MD
Ola Olakanmi, MD
Amulya Gampa, MD

Kashif Shaikh, MD
Swethika Sundaravel, MD
Amr Youssef, MD

Jibran Rana, MD
Keaton Nasser, MD
Kalaimani Elango, MD

New Jersey
Aishwarya Bhardwaj, MD
Vitaly Buza, MD
Brijesh Patel, MD

New Mexico 
Eddie Brown, MD
Carmel Moazez, MD
Shazib Sagheer, MD

New York State 
Boutros Karam, MD
Viswajit Reddy Anugu, MD
Samer Saouma, MD

North Carolina
Kevin Friede, MD
Zak Loring, MD
JD Serfas, MD 

Northern New England (New Hampshire)
Spencer Liu, MD
Swapna Sharma, MD
Malachy Sullivan, MD

William Marshall, MD
Jeremy Slivnick, MD
Alexander Meyer, MD

Isma Javed, MD
Omar Baber, MD
Mohamad Khattab, MD

Ryle Przybylowicz, MD
Tim Simpson, MD
Babikar Kheiri, MD

Mohammad Al-Sarie, MD
Napatt Kanjanahattakij, MD
Jafar Alzubi, MD

Puerto Rico
Migdoel Cruz, MD
Leonell Freytes, MD
Diego Gonzalez, MD

Rhode Island
Hafiz Imran, MD
Gregory Salber, MD
David Louis, MD

South Carolina
Jasjeet Khural, MD 
Matthew Evans, MD
Ishan Shah, MD

South Dakota
Zoltan Varga, MD
Brian Simpson, MD
Andrew Thorp, MD

Megan Lancaster, MD
Majd El-Harasis, MD
Kaushik Amancherla, MD

Cory Madigan, MD 
Robert Hull, MD
Shay Gabasha, MD

Daniel Varela, MD
Robert Sturm, MD
Griffin Bullock, MD

Xu Gao, MD
Leann Denlinger, MD
Ben Ruth, MD

Washington State
Sophie Larson, MD
Alex Taylor, MD
Aris Karatasakis, MD

Joseph Longino, MD
Chris Purtell, MD
Anupama Joseph, MD

*The FIT Jeopardy series of competitions would not be possible without the behind-the-scenes efforts and support of the ACC Board of Governors, State Chapter Executives, State CV Program Directors and the ACC Chapter Affairs Team. For more information on becoming involved in ACC State Chapters visit For more information on the ACC's FIT Member Section visit

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