ACC Quality Summit Session Explores How to Leverage NCDR Data & Accreditation to Address Inequities of Care

Experts from across the country presented at an ACC Quality Summit 2022 session exploring how data from NCDR and ACC Accreditation Services can be used as tools for facilities to provide more equitable care to the communities they serve.

Aaron Mauch, PhD, spoke to the scope of the problem, providing a broader perspective on current trends involving health disparities. Chief among these issues are:

  • Highly varied screening rates;
  • Greater readmissions and lengths of stay for certain populations;
  • Increased complexities with certain communities;
  • Decreased referrals depending on patient demographics.

Mauch expressed how the recent rise in virtual and home-based care posed both opportunities and challenges to increasing equity in health care. “Theoretically this can be great for addressing disparities,” said Mauch. “In practice, it could exacerbate disparities. Regardless, it’s going to create a complex environment for data capture.”

Holly A. Dalton, MSN, RN, proposed three tools health facilities can use to access data that can identify areas where intervention is possible and provide a collaborative environment where information-sharing can inform solutions: 1) Area Deprivation Index Mapping, 2) NCDR and 3) ACC Accreditation Services.

In addition, Andrea Price, MS, RCIS, CPHQ, AACC, and Joan Michaels, MSN, AACC, CPHQ, provided perspectives during the ensuing panel discussion moderated by Jonathan Jennings, MBA, RN. Discussion topics included how to present the NCDR dataset to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committees at health centers as a valuable resource, how NCDR can include more social determinants of health in the registries, and making educational materials for patients more accessible.

For more coverage of ACC Quality Summit 2022, check out the conference’s digital newspaper and follow along for live updates on social media.

Keywords: Referral and Consultation, Accreditation, Health Facilities, Registries, Social Media, Patient Readmission, Social Determinants of Health, Health Equity, Quality Summit, National Cardiovascular Data Registries, ACC Accreditation

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