Eagle’s Eye View: Your Weekly CV Update from ACC.org (Week of Dec. 19) – Top Clinical Trials

Top Clinical Trials

It was another great year for trial coverage on ACC.org! There were almost 140,000 unique views of the top 10 trials and top 10 trial updates for the year. Treatment of heart failure and of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy were hot topics. In addition to covering new trials, we updated prior trials with any related significant presentations or publications. We have added new features for our learners to make clear what is updated compared with the prior version of a clinical trial summary. Hopefully, this change allows quicker reading of these trial synopses. Interestingly, some of the trial updates had more views than de novo trial coverage. We have also started providing visual abstracts for some of the key trials at the major meetings. We are striving to make ACC.org a very user-friendly educational portal. On behalf of the ACC.org staff, Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year to you all!

Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, FACC

Senior Associate Editor, Clinical Trials and News, ACC.org

Clinical Topics: Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies, Acute Heart Failure

Keywords: EaglesEyeView, Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic, Heart Failure, Learning

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