Ongoing AMA Study Seeks to Capture Changes in Physician Practice Expense

The American Medical Association (AMA) is currently accepting survey responses as part of a national study to collect representative data on physician practice expenses. The Physician Practice Information Survey (PPIS), which is supported by 173 health care organizations including the ACC, is collecting data on overhead costs incurred by today's physician practices to support physician payment advocacy. The AMA has contracted with Mathematica to conduct the study.

Mathematica sent out the first wave of surveys in July, and a second, larger wave launched in October. Individuals or practices randomly selected for the survey will receive reminders about completing it through the spring of 2024. To check whether you or your practice was selected for the survey, email ACC's Director of Regulatory Affairs James Vavricek the practice name and tax ID number (TIN) to share with the AMA. They will contact you if your practice is in the survey pool.

The study is an opportunity to communicate accurate financial information to policymakers, including members of Congress and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The Medicare physician payment schedule, maintained by CMS and used by many other payers, relies on 2006 cost information to develop practice expense relative values, the Medicare Economic Index and resulting physician payments. As the U.S. economy and health care system have undergone substantial changes since that time, including staffing costs, team-based care, inflation, new practice arrangements, and the wide-spread adoption of electronic health records and other information technology systems, practice expense payments no longer accurately reflect the resources typically required to provide physician services.

Clinicians and practice administrators should continue to monitor their email for important surveys on practice costs and work hours from Mathematica. It is important that those selected to complete the survey do so thoroughly and accurately, as participation will ensure that practice expenses and patient care hours are accurately reflected. For some surveys, ACC members will need to rely on financial experts in the practice to complete an online financial information survey. Other members will be asked to report hours spent actively providing patient care.

Invitations and reminders about the costs survey are sent from, while invitations and reminders about physician hours worked will come from All cardiologists, regardless of ACC or AMA membership status are eligible to receive these surveys.

If you are selected for the survey and have questions regarding your response, contact James Vavricek.

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