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Educating Current and Future CV Business Leaders

Building off the successful Cardiovascular Business and Management Essentials Program, now in its third cohort, MedAxiom and Wharton are expanding their audience to include Fellows with a newly designed business program catered to the needs of future cardiovascular business leaders.

The new Business Essentials for Cardiovascular Fellows program will help learners master the fundamentals of health care economics, operations and financial reporting, service management and leadership skills using a self-paced online learning model that employs videos, quizzes and other activities. Enrollment for the first cohort is open through Oct. 13.

Meanwhile, 50 cardiovascular professionals and clinicians successfully completed the second cohort of Cardiovascular Business and Management Essentials Program, building a growing cadre of graduates with skills to transform cardiovascular care in an ever-evolving health care environment.

Kariann Abbate
Sandi Aleman
Jennifer Anderson
Salman Ashfaq
Stewart Benton
An Barry Bui
Christine Bussey
Jennifer Campbell
Roger Des Prez
Leila Elliott
Shalen Fairbanks
Jessica Freedman
Hannah Fulmer
Robin Giordano
Therese Guida
Sanjeev Gulati
Amreen Hashmi
David Hinchman
Christopher Ingelmo
Linda Ireland
Vijay Iyer
Samuel Jones
Richard Kuk
Adam Kushner
Johnny Makhoul
Momina Mastoor
Lauren May
Melinda McIntire
Rupa Mehta
Carrie Miller
Jayson Morgan
Daniel Noonan
Lauren Piech
Magdalena Poggenpohl
Darren Price
Amit Pursnani
Mahesh Raju
Kristen Richards
Karl Richardson
Thriveni Sanagala
Hammad Saudye
Nikhil Singh
Toniya Singh
Alexander V. Smolensky
Kim Spring
Ketan Trivedi
Lori Walsh
Thelsa Weickert
Jenny Westover
George Wu

To learn more about both programs and register, visit MedAxiom.com/Wharton.

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