ACC 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule Calculator Now Available

Work, practice, expense and liability relative value units (RVUs) are updated annually through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) rulemaking. In response to the recently released 2024 Medicare PFS final rule, the ACC has developed a new PFS Final Rule Calculator to allow clinicians and practice managers to estimate the potential impact of changes to practices.

Of note, many services see impacts due to the reduced conversion factor adjustment required by law to offset increases in other areas or other formulaic changes, such as the addition of new code G2211 to capture additional visit complexity for primary care and longitudinal care. The tool also includes new codes for fractional flow reserve computed tomography and coronary intravascular lithotripsy.

Download the 2024 PFS Final Rule Calculator here.

For more information about the regulatory process and timeline, access the ACC’s PFS Roadmap. This resource – developed by the ACC Advocacy team – provides a step-by-step look at the College’s process for reviewing and addressing new values in the proposed PFS and how ACC staff consolidate input through internal channels to develop a formal policy position.

Clinical Topics: Noninvasive Imaging, Computed Tomography, Nuclear Imaging

Keywords: Primary Health Care, Physicians, Tomography, X-Ray Computed, Fee Schedules, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S., Fractional Flow Reserve, Myocardial, Medicare, ACC Advocacy

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