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ACC Global Survey Shows Variation, Potential Opportunities in International CV Training

There is variability in international cardiovascular training with regard to curriculum, evaluation and oversight, according to results from a survey of ACC's International Chapters published Oct. 10 in JACC: Advances.

Cesar J. Herrera, MD, FACC, et al., created a survey in partnership with the International Program Directors Workgroup of the ACC Assembly of International Governors to gain greater understanding of cardiovascular education worldwide and identify potential opportunities for improvement. The surveys were distributed to each of ACC's 42 International Chapters with nearly 80% of participants completing the survey (33% from Asian nations, 30% from Latin America, 17% from Europe, 17% from the Middle East and 1% from Africa).

The survey found that academic institutions carry out training oversight in nearly half of the cases. Additionally, less than half of the programs have a formalized curriculum, and only 29% have a standardized length of training. Furthermore, competencies are used in only 16%, and 39% and 36% utilize an in-training exam and formal written evaluations, respectively.

The authors conclude that the ACC is an important resource for international training programs and that moving forward, "the ability to share information such as this with educators around the globe can provide the necessary tools for leaders at the institutional level to develop or improve education for their trainees."

Keywords: Curriculum, Cardiology, ACC International

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