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ACC Practice Made Perfect: Fertility and Reproductive Health: Juggling Act of Family, Planning, and Career Goals

Welcome to a new series, “Conversations Around Fertility and Reproductive Health” sponsored by ACC’s Women in Cardiology (WIC) Section and led by Dr. Kamala Tamirisa. In this episode, Dr. Tamirisa hosts Drs. Annabelle Volgman and Eugene Yang who will discuss the practical aspects of family, career, and the juggling act, and take-home messages based on their experience.

Drs. Volgman and Yang describe what every woman must know before and in medical school, during training and career path, as a mentor/program director/attending physician/peer about family planning when pursuing (or planning to pursue) a career in cardiology.

Related References:

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Clinical Topics: Cardiovascular Care Team, Prevention

Keywords: PracticeMadePerfect, Fertility, Reproductive Health, Women in Cardiology

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