Cover Story | ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Inspiring. Invigorating. Daring. These are the words that come to mind for the leaders of this year's Annual Scientific Session, which is taking over Atlanta, GA, for three days of the best cardiovascular (CV) science and innovation.

The Annual Scientific Session has long been the cornerstone of ACC's educational programming and one of the College's greatest accomplishments in its 75-year history.

Over the decades, the meeting has provided a forum for cutting-edge innovation, new science and fostering connections within the cardiovascular community. It has transformed exponentially as the College has also transformed – becoming increasingly global in its focus and impact and welcoming clinicians spanning the entire cardiovascular care team.

Inspiring Cutting-Edge Learning

"Chair"-Side Thoughts on Atlanta

Cardiology asked Drachman, Berlacher and Guibone for their thoughts on Atlanta and where you might find them, when not at the Georgia World Congress Center.

"Atlanta is a fantastic city, with great restaurants, culture, history and outdoor spaces to explore and I can't wait for the opportunity to reconnect when we are all there together," says Drachman.

"I love Atlanta's green spaces and Centennial Olympic Park is nearby the conference center," says Berlacher. "Also, I've never been to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights so that is number one on my list of things to do after the meeting."

"I suspect there is a BBQ joint in Atlanta with my name on it," says Guibone.

Click here to access the Discover Atlanta site for more tips on top things to do in Atlanta.

"The past seven decades have brought tremendous transformation in live education at the ACC Scientific Session," says Chair Douglas Drachman, MD, FACC. "In keeping with the ACC's Mission and Vision, the meeting has increasingly focused on opportunities to optimize patient care and outcomes; improve health equity; foster a diverse, inclusive and global cardiovascular community; and encourage discussion around the latest science and technological advancements."

Among the most significant and impactful changes over the years has been the evolution from the traditional didactic model of education to a combination of novel learning and teaching environments that allow for greater interaction and engagement. "These strategies engage, challenge and promote advancement and application of new knowledge," says Kimberly (Kim) Guibone, DNP, ACNP-BC, FACC, CV Team Lead for the Annual Scientific Session.

The Personalized Skills and Simulation Center, live interactive case sessions, along with the Future Hub, Engage Stage and, more recently, the Heart2Heart Stage, are examples of how this style of learning has been integrated into the very fabric of the meeting. Increasing use of social media, real-time audience response and polling, and other digital technologies and platforms have only added to attendee engagement and interaction.

ACC.24 At Your Fingertips

ACC.24 At Your Fingertips

From planning to participating to learning, the ACC.24 App puts it all your fingertips! Build your itinerary, learn about ACC's industry partners in the Expo and navigate the convention center with the maps. Onsite use Peer Finder to connect with colleagues – and be sure to join in the fun with the Where's Artie Scavenger Hunt! Get instant access to live-streamed sessions, ask questions and respond to polls, as well as download session slides. At the end of the day, you can seamlessly claim credit or keep up with the latest news via ACC's social media feeds, and more. Search ACC.24 in your app store and download the app today.

In 2023, the March Matchup room piloted the concept of game-focused learning that incorporated interactive aspects of a friendly competition to further enhance the long-term retention of knowledge by attendees. The April Adventure room at ACC.24 will further build on this concept with even more fun formats and interaction, according to Drachman and ACC Annual Scientific Session Vice Chair Katie Berlacher, MD, FACC.

"The primary reason people come to live meetings is to interact with one another and it's also the best way for adults to learn," says Berlacher. "The inclusion of more engagement and interactive learning greatly enhances the experiences and knowledge exchange that occur at the meeting, and we're excited for that evolution to continue."

The COVID pandemic was – and continues to be – a catalyst for change in the way people learn and, also, what they need and expect from scientific meetings. At the start of the pandemic, the ACC's early forays into interactive learning from years prior were vital to its ability to pivot quickly to host an entirely virtual Annual Scientific Session in 2020 and 2021.

In 2020 alone, Annual Scientific Session leaders and staff were able to leverage lessons learned to bring the global cardiovascular community – 38,000 individuals from more than 157 countries – together in an impactful way at a time when it was needed the most.

"Since 2021, each successive Scientific Session has tailored the delivery of virtual and in-person education to suit the needs of the cardiovascular community, and to provide education in ways that maximize attendee engagement and interactivity," says Drachman. Both he and Guibone note that the Annual Scientific Session remains the foremost venue for sharing of new science.

Be Inspired!

Hear from a leading lineup of cardiovascular experts and pioneers who have made outstanding contributions to the field of cardiovascular medicine who will share their research and insights as part of five named Keynote presentations during ACC.24. Click here for Keynote details.

ACC.24 James T. Dove Keynote

Karen E. Joynt Maddox, MD, FACC

Session 51: Business of Cardiology Intensive Session I: Business Basics For Everyone
Saturday, April 6, Noon – 1:15 p.m.
Why Quality Increasingly Matters
Presented by Karen E. Joynt Maddox, MD, FACC

ACC.24 Dan G. McNamara Keynote

Josephine B. Isabel-Jones, MD

Session 609: Unlocking the Diversity Key in the Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Workforce
Saturday, April 6, Noon – 1:15 p.m.
From Civil Rights to Patient Equity — A Legacy of Strength
Presented by Josephine B. Isabel-Jones, MD

55th Annual Louis F. Bishop Keynote

Gerald Blackwell, MD, MBA, FACC

Session 54: Business of Cardiology Intensive Session IV: Hot Topics in Business of Cardiology
Sunday, April 7, 9:45 – 11 a.m.
The Future of Cardiology: Value-Based Care, Private Equity and Practice Landscape
Presented by Gerald Blackwell, MD, MBA, FACC

Douglas P. Zipes, MD, MACC, Distinguished Young Scientist Award Keynote

Emily Shou Wai Lau, MD, FACC

Session 665: Don't Stop Me Now: Achieving Cardiovascular Health For Women
Sunday, April 7, 12:15 – 1:30 p.m.
Presented by Emily Shou Wai Lau, MD, FACC

ACC.24 Eugene Braunwald Keynote

Robert M. Califf, MD, MACC

Session 742
Monday, April 8, 12:45 – 2 p.m.
Time For a Revamp of the Clinical Evidence System
Presented by Robert M. Califf, MD, MACC

Invigorating the CV Community

Stay 'In Touch'
With #ACC24

Stay 'In Touch' With #ACC24

Follow the American College of Cardiology (@ACCinTouch) on X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for all the highlights from ACC.24. Don't forget to tag @ACCinTouch and use #ACC24 in your posts. A special thanks to Social Media Ambassadors with perspectives from ACC's Member Sections, as well as JACC Journals and the FITs on the GO team. Learn more about who to follow and access the ACC's official Hashtag Guide at

Not on social media? The Editorial Team, JACC Journals Editors, and ACC Member Section volunteers will be providing comprehensive daily news coverage from the meeting, including Late-Breaking Clinical Trial and Featured Clinical Research summaries, video wrap-ups, expert analysis, interviews with Keynote legends and more.

Bookmark for all the news coverage. In addition, in-person attendees can read all about the day's highlights as part of the ACC.24 daily newspaper located throughout the Convention Center.

ACC.24 will be no different. Based on feedback over the last several years, the desire for practical clinical "pearls," cutting-edge science, and the opportunity to engage in discussions and debates continue to rank among the top reasons why attendees return year after year.

With this in mind, Berlacher says this year's program will be laser focused on sharing best practices in ways that will allow attendees to immediately incorporate new knowledge and skills into their daily practice.

Hallmarks like practice-changing Late-Breaking Clinical Trial (LBCT) presentations will continue, but with maximized interactivity wherever possible. Other educational sessions, including those in the April Adventure room, will leverage debate and game show-inspired formats.

"One of the mainstays of the meeting is the focus on new science and discovery in the field," says Berlacher. "The buzz around LBCTs has always been great and just continues to get more exciting. This year we are bringing back one of the new LBCT categories called Clinical and Investigative Horizons, which is edgy science that really pushes the field to think outside of the box with regard to research."

Equally important to LBCTs are the programs and sessions addressing the business side of medicine, clinician wellness, self-preservation and identifying opportunities for professional growth, according to Guibone, who notes that ACC.24 will also fully embrace team-based care and acknowledge the important roles the entire CV Care Team plays in optimizing patient care and outcomes.

"ACC.24 recognizes the need for every member of the Heart Team to walk away with practical advice and instructions on how to better daily practice. Playing with puppies in the Relaxation Lounge is also a bonus," she says. "Everyone should expect to come out excited to charge forward with new ideas and ways to implement them."

Berlacher echoes these sentiments. "I'm proud that we have a CV Team Lead that serves with the Chair and Vice Chair of the meeting and brings an invaluable perspective to our planning," she says. "At ACC.24, I hope our CV Team members feel that education for them is inclusive and seamlessly integrated at every point of the meeting."

Daring to Innovate

Get Immersed in the Guidelines

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Learn how to implement, optimize and translate the latest guidelines into your  clinical practice with a series of sessions during ACC.24 featuring key members of guideline committees and experienced colleagues. Sessions will focus on the following ACC/AHA guidelines:

  • 2023 Atrial Fibrillation Guideline
  • 2022 Aortic Disease Guideline
  • 2020 Valvular Heart Disease Guideline

Click here for the complete list of sessions. Access the ACC/AHA clinical guidelines and related tools and resources at

Looking beyond ACC.24 to the future, Drachman says one of the biggest challenges will be finding the right blend of virtual education at live meetings.

"What we learned from the COVID pandemic is that we can absolutely do virtual education," he says. "However, we also learned that when we only do virtual education, we lose many of the benefits of our learning community and often have more distractions. My hope moving forward is that we can learn from the past few years to inspire more flexible education formats that transcend our current state."

Guibone agrees, highlighting that one of the biggest challenges to providing live education is balancing the need to optimize access. "With the rapid advancement of technology, I would expect the gap between virtual and live learning to narrow, allowing fluent interaction for all learners regardless of location," she says. "At the ACC's Centennial Celebration, I hope to see evidence of global improvements in cardiovascular care, inclusivity, and appreciation of current works taking place to reach that goal."

Berlacher says she hopes for bigger and better integration of interactive learning into the meeting in the years to come. "Ten years from now I hope for the stage and podium to be less of a barrier and more approachable for learners, something that is broken down and incorporated throughout the room," she says. "Twenty-five years from now I hope for there to be aspects of simulation integrated into standard classrooms and sessions so that learners can practice new things as they learn them rather than wait to try them at home." Looking at the transformation of the Scientific Session over the College's 75-year history, these predictions don't seem too far-fetched.

"As the great Yogi Berra observed, 'It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future,'" says Drachman. "That wisdom notwithstanding, if the past 10 years have shown us anything, it's that medical discovery and the knowledge that is expected of clinicians who practice today, continues to grow exponentially. The ACC must – and will – continue to be the trusted source for cutting-edge educational resources and tools that allow the entire care team to stay on top of the latest evidence-based care. The ACC Annual Scientific Session is a critical part of this equation, and the opportunities are endless. Stay tuned!"

Engage, Explore, Learn in the ACC.24 Expo

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

More than 280 exhibiting companies and organizations will showcase the latest advances in pharmaceuticals, imaging, devices, health IT and the services needed to provide high-quality care to patients as part of the ACC.24 Expo.

The Expo will feature eight Learning Destinations, as well as a cutting-edge lineup of sessions in the three Industry-Expert Theaters, and on the Innovation Stage. Two Interactive Learning Labs will also offer new and creative ways to learn from our industry partners.

The Future Hub returns with its focus on the latest innovations in digital health, medical devices, big data and more. Be there for the 2024 Innovation Pitch Challenge on April 6 and 7, where early-stage start-up companies will present their products to a live audience and an expert panel of judges, including Steve Flaim, PhD, senior special advisor and investor-in-residence at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

The Engage Stage also makes its return and will serve as the home for interactive sessions like the "Heart Tank for the Cardiovascular Investigator: The Susan Smyth Memorial Tournament of Champions," Young Investigator Award presentations and FIT Jeopardy. Search "Engage Stage" in the ACC.24 Online Planner. Puppies are also returning to the Expo as part of the Relax & Recharge Lounge (Booth #1601). Recharge your mobile device and your own well-being with a little puppy love. Additionally, don't miss the chance to measure the level of lipoprotein(a) in your blood at the Lp(a) Screening along with a non-fasting lipid screening (Booth #21) and/or update your professional headshot in the Portrait Lounge (Booth #1).

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to visit ACC Central (Booth #2731) to discover how ACC is leading the way in transforming cardiovascular care for all. Learn more about membership benefits, NCDR and ACC Accreditation efforts, education programs and products and so much more. Also, stop by the ACC Store to pick up some ACC swag, including something blue to wear on Monday's "ACC Wears Blue Day."

Improving Heart Health For ALL

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Achieving a culture of equitable care is a strategic priority for the ACC and embedded in the College's Core Values. Not to mention, it is fundamental to achieving the College's Mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health for all.

Underscoring the critical importance of this effort, the Health Equity Hub returns to the Expo floor for its second year, offering a dedicated space for learning, networking and courageous conversations around tangible solutions that will change culture and change care.

An inspiring lineup of sessions featuring thought leaders, cardiovascular experts and other stakeholders is planned for the Health Equity Stage. Topics of discussion include access to care for rural populations, challenges to advanced cardiac imaging in underserved populations, cultural competency and health care access barriers, retail pharmacy deserts, food is medicine, peripheral artery disease disparities, barriers and challenges to heart transplantation, LGBTQ+ health care, maternal health equity, and more.

In addition, attendees to the Hub can take part in a Virtual Reality Health Equity experience and interact with a revamped Health Equity Heat Map that provides a localized look at the burden of cardiovascular disease in the U.S. and countries around the world. Also check out ACC's Caring Hearts Initiative kiosk to get patient and clinician materials on peripheral artery disease and high blood pressure.

Click here for more details.

Connect Through Heart2Heart Conversations

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

The ever-popular Heart2Heart Stage will be at the center of the action in the Lounge & Learn Pavilion and the home of informal deep-dive discussions with ACC leaders and global experts on critical issues affecting the cardiovascular profession. Search "Heart2Heart Stage" in the Program Planner or ACC.24 App for more details.

April 6

10:45 – 11:15 a.m. Charting A New Frontier: Next Steps in Efforts to Create a New CV Board
11:45 a.m. – 12 Noon From JACC: Case Reports to JACC: From Clinical Evidence to Scientific Evidence and Clinical Guidelines
12:45 – 1:15 p.m. How to Start Niche Cardiovascular Programs
1:45 – 2:15 p.m. Food is Medicine: How Cardiologists and the FDA Can Improve Americans' Nutrition
2:45 – 3:25 p.m. ACC at 75: Honoring the Past, Envisioning Tomorrow (A Special Heart-to-Heart Presidential Discussion)

April 7

9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Thinking Outside the Box: Side Hustles to Increase Career Flexibility
10:00 – 10:30 a.m. Optimizing Professional Opportunities For Late Career Professionals
11:00 – 11:30 a.m. What Young Cardiologists Can Learn From Mature Cardiologists
12:00 – 12:30 p.m. Leveling the Playing Field: Putting DEI Into Practice
1:00 – 1:30 p.m. Demystifying Advocacy: Understand Your Mission and Your Audience
2:00 – 2:30 p.m. Fostering Workplace Well-Being: The System and I
3:00 – 3:30 p.m. Value-Based Care: Are You Making the Grade

April 8

8:30 – 9:00 a.m. Controversies in Medical Artificial Intelligence
11:30 a.m. – 12 Noon Giving from the Heart: How Philanthropy Accelerates the ACC Mission

Celebrating 75!

ACC's 75th Anniversary

There will be lots of ways to celebrate ACC's 75th Anniversary during ACC.24, whether it's taking part in ACC's first-ever "Giving Day," snapping selfies on the Bridge to the Future in the Lounge & Learn Pavilion, attending a special Heart-to-Heart discussion on the Heart2Heart Stage with ACC President B. Hadley Wilson, MD, FACC, or celebrating the incredible contributions of women and men who are changing the field and welcoming the newest Fellows and Associates to the College as part of Convocation.

Don't leave on Monday without stopping by the New Fellows and Associates Reception and ACC's 75th Anniversary Reception immediately following Convocation.

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Experience the Adventure!

Let the clinical games begin with the April Adventure venue located in Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom 2, featuring spirited game show-style sessions, interactive debates and more.

Highlights include:

  • Vexing Valves
  • Extreme Makeover, Diet Edition: Debating Controversies in Cardiovascular Health
  • Game of Shones
  • Top Interventional Trials of 2023
  • The Great ECG Challenge
  • Under Pressure: Debating Hemodynamics With the Experts
  • Critical Care Cardiology Family Feud
  • Difficult Decisions in CTEPH – Balloon or the Scalpel?
  • Battle of the Imagers – Jeopardy Edition!
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Eradicating Vascular Medicine Disparities
  • To Treat or Not to Treat Anatomy and Ischemia

Click here for more details, as well as learn more about other interactive sessions like FIT Jeopardy and the Young Investigators Awards sessions taking place on the Engage Stage.

Lounge AND Learn

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

The ACC.24 Lounge & Learn Pavilion found in Hall B2 is all about community and learning! Connect and network with friends and colleagues in designated lounges for ACC Members, Faculty, Young Professionals, Women in Cardiology and CV Team members – most of which will include special programming throughout each day and opportunities to engage with thought-leaders in the respective areas.

Also take advantage of the Global Meet-Up lounge, home of the WHF Heart Café, for important global discussions on topics like Chagas disease, air pollution, climate change, and more. ACC domestic members can also visit the HeartPAC Lounge to learn more about the College's U.S. advocacy efforts to advance health policies that protect patient access to care.

The popular Personalized Skills Center and Simulation Station is also calling the Lounge & Learn Pavilion its home. New this year, the Station will include an "Escape Room Challenge," featuring a scenario-driven learning journey into medical problem-solving. Bring your enthusiasm for teamwork, critical thinking and a touch of medical mystery-solving fun.

Also new this year, experience the future of procedural training with Osso VR, with a virtual reality module on left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO), co-developed with ACC. In this immersive experience, measure the LAA, perform the transseptal puncture, and prepare and deploy the closure device.

Look for more information on the Lounge & Learn at and in the Program Planner.

ACC.24 Late-Breaking Clinical Trials

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Don't miss the five Late-Breaking Clinical Trial (LBCT) sessions (below) and three Featured Clinical Research sessions taking place across all three days of ACC.24. The first LBCT session will kick off on Saturday immediately following the Opening Showcase Session in the Main Tent. Click here for more details on these sessions, as well as the Clinical and Investigative Horizons Session and two LBCT Deep Dive Sessions.

  • Saturday, April 6

    LBCT I (Joint ACC/JACC)
    Session 402

    8:30 – 10:30 a.m.

    • AEGIS-II

    Sunday, April 7

    Session 405

    8:00 – 9:15 a.m.

    • Be Active
    • Kardia-2
    • BRIDGE-TIMI 73a
    • LIBerate-HR
    • SHASTA-2

    Session 406

    9:45 – 11 a.m.

    • SMART
    • TACT2
    • DANger-Shock
    • Ultimate-DAPT
  • Monday, April 8

    LBCT IV (Joint ACC/JAMA)
    Session 411

    8:30 – 9:45 a.m.

    • ARISE-HF
    • Topical Tranexamic Acid to Reduce Seizures in Cardiac Surgery
    • PROACT
    • TACTiC

    LBCT V
    Session 412

    11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

    • Preventive PCI or Medical Therapy Alone For Atherosclerotic Coronary Vulnerable Plaques
    • Comparison of Intravascular Ultrasound-Guided vs. Angiography-Guided Angioplasty

Teamwork in the Spotlight

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Every member of the Cardiovascular (CV) Team is integral to transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health for all. To that end, CV Team members have been key participants in planning, developing and implementing all aspects of the ACC Scientific Session for the last decade. This involvement and commitment to ensuring a truly interdisciplinary educational experience has only continued to increase, with Jane Linderbaum, MS, ARNP, FACC, joining the ACC Annual Scientific Session Planning Committee as the first-ever CV Team Lead in 2022 and Kimberly (Kim) Guibone, DNP, ACNP-BC, FACC, assuming the role for 2024 and 2024.

"ACC.24 will provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment for the CV Team to get up to speed on the latest cutting-edge science, improve simulation skills, expand professional networks, and understand how new information can immediately be implemented into clinical practice," says Guibone. "Whether you're interested in newly released research, pharmaceutical management of cardiovascular disease states, troubleshooting procedural complications, or learning more about the business side of cardiology and program development, all members of the CV team will find value in attending ACC.24."

Sessions spanning the 11 different Learning Pathways will provide extensive learning opportunities for the CV team through case presentations, debates, panel discussions, simulation centers, gaming, and more. Among the highlights are opportunities to learn how expert interventionalists manage intraprocedural complications in the cath lab and what techniques they use to deal with unwanted scenarios, including no-reflow, coronary perforation, and side branch loss (#621). The Business of Cardiology Intensive will deep dive into the business of cardiology with sessions on business basics for everyone (#51), optimizing the care team (#52), sustainability of the system (#53) and other hot topics (#54).

Click here for a complete list of notable sessions for the CV Team.

Opening Doors For FITs and EC

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Sessions throughout ACC.24 are designed to open doors to the entire field of cardiology for Fellows in Training (FITs) and Early Career (EC) professionals.

From dedicated Interventional Cardiology Boot Camps (Sessions #601 and #706) addressing the hottest structural heart disease topics and must-know concepts and trials in coronary interventions, respectively, to Core Knowledge in Action Sections designed to help FITs and EC professionals stay current with the medical advances and research, ACC.24 has a little of everything.

For FITs and EC professionals interested in valvular heart disease, join experts as they provide a historical perspective on the diagnosis and management of valve disease and examine future challenges and opportunities in the increasingly complex space (#678).

For attendees struggling to make sense of anticoagulation and antiplatelet data for congenital heart disease (CHD) patients, join pediatric and CHD experts as they walk through the current data, indications, contraindications and more (#707). The April Adventures area will also have a number of interactive educational sessions of interest to FITs and EC professionals, featuring game-show elements and rapid-fire challenges on topics like heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, congenital heart disease, "vexing valves," and more.

Outside of clinical education, networking remains a mainstay of ACC.24 with the annual FIT Mix & Mingle on Saturday and a Career Fair on Sunday. Additionally, dedicated programing in the Young Professionals Lounge, as well as the Heart2Heart Stage, on topics like career flexibility, mentoring, well-being and more, are also on the schedule.

Also, don't miss the FIT Jeopardy Competition: Battle of the Chapters Competition over the course of Saturday and Sunday, and celebrate new Fellows and Associates, Distinguished Award Winners and other noteworthy individuals leaving their mark on the profession, during Convocation and the subsequent New Fellow Reception and 75th Anniversary Celebration on Monday.

Click here for more FIT and Early Career highlights.

Get ACC.24 Anywhere!

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

All ACC.24 attendees (in-person and virtual) receive one year of free access to ACC Anywhere, the College's comprehensive video library.

Likened as the "Netflix of cardiology," ACC Anywhere will feature on-demand access to ACC.24 sessions and includes hundreds of other sessions from previous meetings like ACC.23/WCC, the Cardiovascular Summit, Advancing the Cardiovascular Care of the Oncology Patient and more!

ACC Anywhere provides a truly personalized experience with automatically generated video recommendations based on individual interests and viewing history, continuous play of curated video collections, the ability to bookmark videos, and a built-in feature to share excerpts of your favorite content with your colleagues by email or on social media. Learn more and activate your account at

Fostering Collaboration to Craft Better Solutions

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

Tackling the global burden of cardiovascular disease can't be done alone. The ACC is proud to partner with the following cardiovascular societies to co-host 14 Joint Symposiums on topics ranging from challenges on getting back on track for preventable deaths, the global burden of disease and disparities, and hot topics in cardiology. In addition, don't miss the thought-provoking lineup of presentations taking place in the World Heart Federation Heart Café, in the Global Meet-Up lounge located in the Lounge & Learn Pavilion.

  • American Heart Association
  • American Association for Thoracic Surgery
  • American Society for Echocardiography
  • American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
  • Association of Black Cardiologists
  • European Society of Cardiology
  • Heart Failure Society of America
  • Heart Rhythm Society
  • Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
  • Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions
  • Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography
  • The Society of Thoracic Surgeons
  • TCT
  • World Heart Federation

Click here and search "Joint Symposium" and/or "WHF" in the ACC.24 Online Planner. Also, plan to attend the ACC's annual Convocation Ceremony on Monday, April 8, where these societies and ACC's other global partners will be recognized.

Intensive Gets Back to the Business of Cardiology

ACC.24: Inspiring Learning; Invigorating Conversation; Daring to Innovate

As the cardiovascular practice landscape continues to evolve, the need to understand and engage with the business side of cardiology continues to grow. The two-day ACC.24 Business of Cardiology Intensive offers a deep dive into the basics of business and optimizing the care team, while also offering expert perspectives on the sustainability of the health care system, the workforce crisis, health equity and other nonclinical topics keeping clinicians up at night.

Co-chaired by Alison Bailey, MD, FACC, and Tyler J. Gluckman, MD, FACC, the Intensive will kick off on Saturday with the James T. Dove Keynote, "Why Quality increasingly Matters," delivered by Karen E. Joynt Maddox, MD, FACC. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday other sessions will focus on hot topics like value-based payment, the workforce crisis, building a high-functioning team, improving workforce wellness, advocating for fair pay, addressing health disparities, innovations in health care delivery, the growing importance of advocacy and more. MedAxiom CEO Gerald Blackwell, MD, MBA, FACC, will close out the intensive with the Bishop Keynote on Sunday, which will focus on "The Future of Cardiology – Value-Based Care, Private Equity and Practice Landscape." Search "Business of Cardiology" in the Program Planner or app for complete details.

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