Based on their outstanding credentials, achievements and community contribution to cardiovascular medicine, those who are elected to Fellowship can use Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) as a professional designation. Fellows of the ACC are adult cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, researchers and academicians, or specialists in a cardiovascular-related field.

Cardiovascular Team Members (CVT) who are advanced to Associate can use Associate of the American College of Cardiology (AACC) as a professional designation. Associate of the ACC recognizes those CVTs who, through advanced education, training and professional development, have dedicated themselves to providing the highest-level of cardiovascular care. With a focus on recognized national board certifications and member interests in advanced learning, skill building, and professional recognition, the CVT Designation Working Group compiled a list of boards whose certifications would be required for the AACC designation.

The strongest evidence of achievement for those who earn the FACC or AACC designation comes from their peers. Letters of sponsorship from other Fellows or other Associates or faculty attest to professional competence and commitment to excellence, and are necessary for election to Fellowship or advancement to Associate in the College.

When accepting the designation of Fellowship and Associate in the ACC, each candidate pledges "cooperation and loyalty to the attainment of the ideals" of the College, the most important of which is to promote excellence in cardiovascular care.