From Robert Shor, MD, FACC, Chairman of the Board of Governors

I wanted to share some information based on some questions raised and comments made on the BOG Listserv.  First, as you know the ACC Leadership works hard to deliver our message in multiple forms and I have included a link* and info** for your review. I think you will agree our attempts have been fairly extensive as we strive to improve the effectiveness of our communication to members. The trick in all of this is to get the members to open the e-mails/blogs, etc. and actually deliver the message to our members.  I would ask you open the links and review and if you want more information to contact Shalen Fairbanks at This should be helpful to articulate the message and disseminate the information to members when asked "What is the ACC doing about MOC?". The open rate in our Chapter e-mails, when last checked, is between 25-50+ %, so we are being more effective in delivering the message. A suggestion is to include the links in your next Chapter Newsletter.

I also wanted to share what the ACC Leadership/Presidential Team has done regarding communication with other organizations as this question was also raised on the listserv.  There was a summit with ABIM in Philadelphia with most of the organizations where our message and concerns were delivered.  In addition, Kim Williams has been in contact with the leadership of many of the subspecialties to share our message and coordinate delivery as we all try to apply pressure to ABIM for further meaningful changes. From where I sit, it seems clear that our ACC is doing much of the heavy lifting in this process.

Lastly, I wanted to update everyone on our ongoing Task Force efforts.  All options remain on the table, most notably:

  • Defining what we think constitutes meaningful MOC.  I think most people agree there is value in the initial certifying exam and some sort of meaningful MOC/lifelong learning thereafter. Nothing has been decided. 
  • Working with ABIM to construct meaningful MOC.
  • Working within ABMS, starting a new separate CV Board structure and providing MOC.
  • Working outside ABMS system to create a new CV Board and craft meaningful MOC.

What I have heard most is: Let the ABIM do the initial certification process and ACC do the MOC/lifelong learning.

Each has pluses and minuses and the initial recommendations should be presented to the BOT at the August Retreat with a further blue print for action to follow. Whatever is decided will take time to plan and implement. I believe the wishes of membership have been heard loud and clear and we are working with alacrity, but also deliberately as we understand the need to get this right.

*From Shalen Fairbanks (ACC Chief Communications Officer) - Here are a few of MOC communication highlights.  It appears as well, that the HRS note is similar to our messaging.

Link to the most recent JACC article from Dr. Shor and Dr. Williams (

Link to all of the ACC in Touch blogs about MOC (

**MOC Communications/Marketing Tactical Highlights

  • Fifteen ACC in Touch Blog Posts Since Dec. 2013 (Majority of posts occurring in late 2014 and throughout 2015)
    • Blog views ranged from 500 - 4,000 per post
    • Facebook reach ranged from 5,000 - 28,000 per post
    • All blogs are featured on and included in all of ACC’s email communications for members (ACC Update, CV News Digest, SmartBrief, Advocate, relevant Section email newsletters and social media)
  • At least six JACC Leadership Pages on ABIM/MOC Between 2014 and June 2015 (two currently slated for July)
    • All JACC Leadership Pages are promoted in all ACC web and email channels, as well as social media
  • Two All Member Surveys in 2014 and 2015 distributed by ACC Chapters
  • Updates included in each issue of Cardiology (four a year), as well as in ACC Email Newsletters and in the ACC Annual Scientific Session Newspaper for ACC.14 and ACC.15.
  • Urgent letter to members included in May CardioSource WorldNews
  • Two FITs on the GO Video Blogs
  • One Special Email Message to FITs/ECPs in June 2015 (This was also included in a Leadership Alert, Blog, and JACC Leadership Page)
  • One All-Member Mailed Letter (2014)
  • MOC Hub Created on
  • Ongoing Web Ad Series
  • Multiple learning opportunities