Telemedicine Platform that Digitally Transforms Cardiovascular Care

Telehealth Heartbeat Solution

Introducing Heartbeat Health - A Telemedicine Platform That Digitally Transforms Cardiovascular Care

ACC Members: Try It Now & Enjoy No-Cost Access Through 2020

The American College of Cardiology is collaborating with Heartbeat Health to set a new standard for virtual care, providing cardiologists a full-service telemedicine solution with features that go beyond generic platforms. It’s a complete, mobile-first model for cardiovascular and heart disease management that incorporates low-cost devices and wearables, in addition to enabling true patient and provider engagement. 

With this one, simple groundbreaking app you can grow your practice from anywhere -- connect to your patients with flexibility, monitor changes in your patients’ condition in real-time, and get patient data you need right at your fingertips. Heartbeat Health is preventative care, realized.

ACC members may now use this service at no cost through 2020.

This is just one of many ways ACC is forming collaborations that provide innovative solutions for the future of CV care. Learn more.

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