In a time when both public and private research grants have markedly decreased for early career researchers, the ACCF’s award program continues to support these young investigators. The 2021 ACC/ACCF awards program will present awards to support the training and development of young cardiovascular investigators in the categories listed below.

The Committee annually invites applications for the awards below on a broad range of research topics from cardiovascular professionals currently enrolled in accredited training programs to those in their early career years. Please note that, as necessary, ad hoc reviewers will be appointed in those instances requiring expertise beyond the realm of the committee.

  ACCF Young Investigator Awards Competition
  ACCF Young Investigator Awards Competition

Description: The Young Investigator Awards competition encourages and recognizes young scientific investigators of promise, upon whom progress in the field of cardiology is dependent. Submit a manuscript and abstract summarizing any problem that relates to cardiovascular disease whether it be in etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, or therapy.

Award Categories include the following:

  1. Clinical Investigations
  2. Basic and Translational Science
  3. Outcomes Research

Please click here for YIA Category Descriptions

Eligibility: Physicians, scientists, medical students, and other healthcare providers currently in residency or fellowship programs, or are no more than three years out of training. PhD, PharmD or DNP candidates who are no more than three years out of training may also apply.

Note: Candidates will be eligible for this award up to four years after completion of training if more than three months of family or sick leave was taken during training or in the first three years after completion of training.

The Award: The first place winner for each category receives $2,000, second place winners receive $1,000; four honorable mentions in each category receive $500. Travel, hotel and meals up to $1,500 will be reimbursed for all 18 finalists to attend the YIA Competitions at ACC.21 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The application deadline for 2021 has passed. Please check back in Summer 2021 for news on the 2022 awards cycle.

  ACC/ABC Merck Research Fellowships in Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiometabolic Disorders
  ACC/ABC Merck Research Fellowships in Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiometabolic Disorders

Description: Three one-year fellowships will be awarded to support research in adult cardiology. At least one of the awards will be given to a person of color and will be awarded by the Association of Black Cardiologists to a current member of the ABC. Preference is given to individuals who have had no more than two years of prior full-time experience either in clinical or basic research. Recipients will be expected to pursue a full-time project in clinical research during their year of supported training.

Research Focus: In selecting applications, proposals addressing CVD and Cardiometabolic disorders are encouraged. Included are proposals that address pathophysiology, molecular genetics, metabolic abnormalities leading to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, heart failure, hyperlipidemia, inflammatory mechanisms and new pathways for drug discovery. Proposals focusing on clinically relevant outcomes as a result of the metabolic syndrome, diabetes or obesity are also encouraged. Outcomes studies should focus on clinical/and or systems of care (e.g., quality improvement) interventions, and use outcomes measures of importance to both patients and society, including mortality, significant morbidity or quality of life changes, or economic effects.

Preference for one award will be given to applicants focusing on disparities of care. Despite increased attention to health disparities at the national, state and community levels, relatively little progress has been made in achieving the vision of eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities. Since the rates of cardiovascular mortality in the United States are significantly higher for these patients and this is in fact the leading cause of death in this demographic, innovative approaches to eliminating these disparities are critical. In an effort to encourage and support research in this area, proposals will be encouraged that focus on gender, race, geographic, and economic inequalities in cardiovascular care.

Eligibility: Anyone currently in an adult cardiology fellowship training program recognized by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education or the American Osteopathic Association and who has the recommendation and agreement of his/her training program director and institution.

Selection: Judging for two of the awards will be by the ACC/Research Fellowship Awards Committee. The third award will be determined by the Association of Black Cardiologists. Criteria for selection will include:

  • Scientific quality of the project;
  • Relevance to the research focus as described above;
  • Qualifications and commitment of the applicant;
  • The quality of the training environment; and
  • Projected Career Development Plan.

Successful applicants may pursue this protected year of research either within or following their three years of required training. Preference will be given to individuals who:

  • Will pursue clinical research training and experience directly involving patients or human subjects.
  • Have had no more than two years of prior full-time research experience either in clinical or basic research.
  • Will not hold another major external fellowship or salary award, (e.g., from the National Institutes of Health or the American Heart Association) during the ACCF/Merck funded year.
  • One fellowship award will be exclusively awarded to someone who is a current member of the Association of Black Cardiologists

The Award: Three fellowships in the amount of $100,000 each, to be used for salary support, for one year of research to begin July 1, 2021 and run through June 30, 2022. One fellowship award will be exclusively awarded to someone who is a current member of the Association of Black Cardiologists.

Deadline: All applications must be complete and submitted through the portal by January 29, 2021.

Funding Source: The ACC is grateful to Merck for their continued financial support for these awards.

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