A Day in the Life: An Interview With Brent N. Reed, PharmD, BCPS-AQ Cardiology

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What drew you to work in health care?

I was drawn to the fact that health care represented the intersection between science and human interaction. Pharmacy was particularly interesting to me because of its diversity of opportunities and evolving scope of practice.

Where did your career in cardiology begin?

I first became interested in cardiology when I was completing my final year rotations in pharmacy school. After my first year of residency, I decided to pursue a cardiology pharmacy specialty residency. Following residency, I became a cardiology clinical pharmacist in the coronary care unit and practiced there for several years before eventually taking a faculty job with a practice site in advanced HF.

Which cardiology specialty do you practice and what patient population do you serve?

I practice in advanced HF, which also includes mechanical circulatory support and cardiac transplantation. At my institution, our service also cares for patients with pulmonary hypertension.

What has been your involvement with the ACC and the Cardiovascular (CV) Team Member Section?

I have been involved in the CV Team Section Communication Work Group and Pharmacist Work Group during my almost two years of membership with the ACC.

Are you currently active on any committees or hold any leadership positions at the ACC or in other professional organizations?

I currently hold the following positions:

  • Vice-Chair, Maryland Advocacy Coordinating Committee, Mid-Atlantic Affiliate, American Heart Association
  • Member, Maryland State Advisory Council on Heart Disease and Stroke, Center For Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, State of Maryland
  • Member, House of Delegates Rules Review Committee, American Pharmacists Association

What are your thoughts regarding the impact of the cardiovascular care team on the practice of cardiology?

The ACC has been a champion for multidisciplinary care and the vital role of each member of the cardiovascular team. Given the rapid evolution in cardiovascular practice as well as the growing volume and complexity of patients, a diverse team with unique and complementary skillsets is essential to ensuring that patients receive optimal care.

Brent N. Reed, PharmD, BCPS-AQ Cardiology is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and clinical pharmacy specialist in advanced heart failure (HF) and cardiac transplantation at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Get in touch with Reed via email at brentreed@gmail.com or on Twitter @brentnreed.