Below is a list of the FIT Section Leadership Council’s 2017-2018 working groups. Please click below for more information on each working group. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please email

2016-2017 FIT Section Council Working Groups

Advocacy Working Group

Co-Chairs: Hena Patel and Hussein Abu Daya
During 2017-2018, the Working Group aims to broaden its reach to more FITs, including webinars and programming at the College’s Legislative Conference. Additional opportunities include possible projects with other Sections and the ACC-PAC.

Communications Working Group

Co-Chairs: David Snipelisky and Ada Stefanescu
The Communications Working Group leads the highly successful FIT Webpage ( and the monthly FIT Newsletter. This Working Group is also responsible for selecting/developing content for the FIT Newsletter and facilitating FIT contributions to ACC In Touch Blog. Additionally, this Working Group includes the leadership for the FITs-on-the-Go Blog and the Journal Scan Twitter initiative.

Member Engagement/Value

Co-Chairs: Ashley Hardin and Ada Stefanescu
The Member Engagement/Value Working Group is charged with increasing participation/interaction from FITs around the world with the FIT Section and various College initiatives. The goal of this group is develop innovative ways to continually engage FITs, including international, pediatric, and surgical trainees. While continually assessing our programming and educational activities to maximize inclusiveness, we will also be strengthening the mentoring program to help to engage additional FITs with other members of the College as well.

Education Working Group

Co-Chairs: Bryan LeBude and David McNeely
The Education Working Group serves to further the professional aspirations of FITs. Through a variety of programming at the Scientific Sessions, planning the Webinar Series (in partnership with the Early Career Council), and maintaining training databases (Structural Heart Disease and Imaging), this Working Group ensures FITs are well equipped in their professional development. In the coming year, we hope to build upon past successes and offer more educational content to FITs.

Medical Resident Working Group

Co-Chairs: Ashley Hardin, Bryan LeBude, and Amir Kazerouninia
The Medical Resident Working Group aims to increase participation and membership of medical residents interested in cardiology. The working group will continue to refine digital content relevant to medical residents, including advice on cardiology fellowship applications, mentorship opportunities, as well as targeted events at ACC.18. The long-term goals of the working group are to broaden the reach to include medical students who are interested in cardiology, as well. At this time, the Working Group includes both FIT and medical resident members.