Canada ChapterWelcome to the home of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Canada Chapter.

The Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) is a national medical professional society for cardiovascular specialists in Canada. The membership includes: cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardiovascular researchers. The mission of the CCS is to be the national voice for cardiovascular clinicians and scientists. This includes promoting cardiovascular health and care excellence through knowledge translation, dissemination of research and application of best practices, professional development, and leadership in health policy and advocacy.

Contact Information

Chapter Governor:
Cathy Kells, MD

Canadian Cardiovascular Society
222 Queen Street Suite 1403
Ottawa, ON Canada, K1P 5V9

Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Issues/ Key Initiatives

  • Advancement of quality cardiovascular care in Canada
  • Work on the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
  • Membership and community engagement
  • Relationships that matter