Colombia ChapterWelcome to the home of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Colombia Chapter. The ACC Colombia Chapter was formed in March 2016. The Colombian Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery is an active society with cardiology meetings in different regions of Colombia, international meetings and partnerships with other international societies (ACC, Sociedad Española de Cardiología, Interamerican Society of Cardiology, Sociedad Sudamericana de Cardiologia, and ECOSIAC).

The society also published the Journal of the Colombian Society of Cardiology bi-monthly for over thirty years (Revista Colombiana de Cardiologia). This journal includes information on general cardiovascular information, Colombian cardiovascular guidelines and local research/ position papers. The society also performs virtual courses on different areas of cardiolvascular medicine (AF, Heart Failure, Dyslipidemias, etc.). The Fundación Colombiana del Corazón ( is the society's community branch which follows the recommendations and politics of the World Heart Federation and PAHO World Heart Organization to promote cardiovascular disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.

Contact Information

Chapter Governor:
Gustavo Restrepo Molina, MD

President: Enrique Melgarejo, MD
CEO: Sandra Guerrero (

President: Alexis Llamas, MD
Avenida Calle 127 No 16 a – 76 of 502, Bogotá, Colombia
57 1 5230012, 57 3125857573

Annual Conference

There is one cardiology conference in Colombia each year. One year it is the International Symposium Meeting, and the other year it is the Colombian Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Meeting. The conference is usually in March but not at the same time of the ACC Annual Meeting. The conference is always located in different cities in Colombia (Cartagena, Bogotá, Medellín, etc).