George W. Vetrovec, MD, MACCGeorge W. Vetrovec, MD, MACC

Welcome to the Senior Cardiovascular Professionals Section Section.

Having successfully completed a two-year period of study and planning as an ACC Work Group, the American College of Cardiology Board of Trustees recently approved formation of our new Section which will focus on the interests, needs and continuing contributions to the College of its approximately 16,000 senior members, defined as those aged 60 years and older.

We compliment other career stage Sections such as the Fellows in Training Section and the Early Career Section, both of whom have been very helpful to us in organizing our Section and formulating our mission statement.

We hope to continue our close working relationships with these and other Sections of the College as well as the College Chapters and Board of Governors.

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Just like our younger colleagues, our interests, activities and needs continue to change over time. We are grateful for the opportunity to help one another during this process and to give back to our communities and to the ACC.  
— George W. Vetrovec, MD, MACC

Our Work Group struggled with what to call ourselves. Many of us are not retired, and few openly admit to being old or geriatric or emeritus, while we may privately contemplate future ownership of all these appellations. "Senior" seems a mostly neutral designation, indicating that we have at least enjoyed long careers in cardiology and may have learned a thing or two in surviving the transit if not through merit.

Just like our younger colleagues, our interests, activities and needs continue to change over time. We are grateful for the opportunity to help one another during this process and to give back to our communities and to the ACC, which has served as our professional home for many years.

The Senior Section will focus on several discrete projects to inform and assist our senior members address their changing requirements of their personal and professional lives, including:

Social Interaction and Networking — Making New Friendships and Refreshing Old Ones

  • Mentoring and education opportunities - elementary thru medical school and beyond
  • Sponsoring activities at our Annual Scientific Sessions, Heart House and regional gatherings
  • Chapter activities and local focus groups
  • Publications and electronic media

Alternate Pathways and Late Career Transitions — A Second Career

  • Gradual versus abrupt retirement
  • Maintenance of skills
  • Avoidance of mandatory, age-specific requirements and age discrimination
  • Part time and non-clinical opportunities
  • Volunteer work – direct and in-direct patient care, research

Strategies for Counteracting Burnout in the Workplace

  • Collaboration with other ACC, other professional societies and health care organizations
  • Mentoring opportunities

Life Beyond Medicine — Developing Interests Outside Medical Practice

  • Focused interest groups, seminars and electronic media

We need your help to make the Senior Cardiovascular Professionals Section a real community, colleagues and old (pun intended) friends getting together to address a new chapter in our lives. Please comment on these projects and propose modifications or new areas we should address. Most importantly, please volunteer to participate. We are just getting started and we definitely need and want your help.

Feel free to contact our ACC Staff Liaison Stefan Lefebvre at or me personally I promise we will put you to work.


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The Senior Cardiovascular Professionals Member Section is only able to accomplish its mission through support from members. Members can join online by clicking here or by contacting ACC Member Care at (800) 253-4636, ext. 5603; or direct dial (202) 375-6000.

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