Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for 71% of global deaths, with cardiovascular disease (CVD) ranked #1. More than 70% of deaths worldwide are attributable to NCDs, with this percentage only expected to increase by 2025. Since 2011, when the United Nations issued its Political Declaration on NCD Prevention and Control NCDs, the ACC has been working with national and global health stakeholders to reduce the prevalence of NCDs and minimize the very real economic and social threats they pose to the entire world.

Navigating Real Solutions

The ACC, working with its International Chapters, partner cardiovascular societies and other stakeholders, is committed to bring the latest education and research to cardiovascular professionals in countries and regions around the world. Learn more about the College’s on-the-ground solutions to addressing the NCD epidemic:

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Collaborating With Stakeholders

The ACC partners with the NCD Alliance and the World Heart Federation around global NCD efforts, and the ACC is a member of the GCM on NCDs. Nationally, the ACC also partners with and is a member of the NCD Roundtable.

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