Digital health encompasses a broad scope of tools that engage patients for clinical purposes; collect, organize, interpret and use clinical data; and manage outcomes and other measures of care quality. The ACC is an advocate for the responsible development of innovative digital health solutions and tools that improve the patient experience and support clinicians.

The following principles guide the College’s support of digital health initiatives:

  • Enable patient engagement and shared-decision making in care delivery by providing clinicians and patients with improved access to personalized health information.
  • Conduct research into appropriate use and integration of digital health into cardiovascular care to ensure patient safety, care quality and positive health outcomes.
  • Improve the patient experience, care quality, patient safety, and outcomes without hampering clinical workflow.
  • Foster the development, adoption and evolution of practices that optimize data security, privacy, use and sharing, as well as device security and safety.
  • Adopt and utilize standardized approaches for seamless data transmission, integration, aggregation and analysis.
  • Ensure clinicians and health systems are compensated appropriately for the integration of digital solutions into patient care.
  • Require clinicians to provide services as authorized by state licensure boards.