ACC provides this toolkit to help clinicians, their facilities, and their patients increase their knowledge of primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. These tools are developed by experts using the most recent evidence and best practices, and serve as valuable and free reference or point-of-care resources you can use on your own time.

Clinical Tools

Evidence for Current CVD Prevention Guidelines Slide Series

An ABC Approach (Introduction)

CVD Prevention Guidelines: An ABC Approach (Introduction) (Updated 2/2013)
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Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Therapy

CVD Prevention Guidelines: Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Therapy (Updated 2/2013)
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Blood Pressure Control

CVD Prevention Guidelines: Blood Pressure Control (Updated 2/2013)
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Cholesterol Management

CVD Prevention Guidelines: Cholesterol Management (Updated 2/2013)
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Lifestyle Management

CVD Prevention Guidelines: Lifestyle Management
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Diabetes Mellitus Management

CVD Prevention Guidelines: Diabetes Mellitus Management
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Other CV Therapies and Areas with Room for Improvement

CVD Prevention Guidelines: Other CV Therapies and Areas with Room for Improvement
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Ineffective Therapies in Cardiovascular Disease

CVD Prevention Guidelines: Ineffective Therapies in Cardiovascular Disease
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Patient Tools

CardioSmart offers a variety of resources to inform and assist patients in cardiovascular disease prevention. Find out more >>>