Introduction & Agenda

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Clinical Background

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Economic & Societal Factors

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Patient Engagement

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Health Systems Resources

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  1. Keynote_Kovacs_Anticoag 2016
  2. Session 1_Hylek_High Cost of Anticoagulants and Other Important Factors
  3. Session 1_Sarpatwari_Negative Impact of 1-800 Bad Drug Ads
  4. Session 2_Lopes_Who Should Not Be Anticoagulated?
  5. Session 2_ Alvarez_Using a Multidisciplinary Team in the ED for Initiation of Anticoagulation
  6. Session 2_ Rose_Coordination of Anticoagulation Care_the Evolving Role of Anticoag Clinics
  7. Session 3_ Allen_The Patient's Role in Initiation of Therapy
  8. Session 3_ Mirro_Improving Patient Adherence_Engagement and Critical Resources for Long-Term Management