Licensing the AUC algorithms to a wide set of CDSM vendors will provide members and their institutions with choices in how to meet this pending mandate. All licensees of the ACC AUC algorithms will be using a standardized set of ACC content to ensure consistency in how testing appropriateness is determined. These vendor partners are expected to integrate the ACC cardiology content with AUC content from other specialties to offer a comprehensive solution for meeting this mandate. These solutions will vary from fully integrated electronic health record solutions to web-based and app-based technologies to allow practices flexibility in how they meet the requirements of the mandate. 

CMS has determined that all CDSM vendors will need to:

  • Provide one or more CDSM mechanism free of charge (i.e. through a web-portal)
  • Make applicable AUC available
  • Identify the AUC criterion consulted that is relevant to the patient’s specific clinical scenario
  • Make a low cost/free version of the AUC within all priority clinical areas
  • Incorporate specified AUC from more than one PLE
  • Determine which imaging modalities are consistent with the applicable AUC
  • Generate and provide reporting of AUC used, and the parameters of each order, on at least an annual basis, and, maintain electronic records for 6 years

ACC CDSM partners are all striving to provide each user with a variety of options to meet their needs including EHR integrated CDSM to the free portal. Our current partners being updated on a regular basis. Currently, our CDSM partners are:

CDSM partners list updated as of November 2018