The Heart Failure Discussion Guide was created to help guide conversations between clinicians and patients about heart failure treatments in order to optimize outcomes. The need for a practice-based discussion guide around this topic arose from the ACC’s Emerging Strategies for Heart Failure Roundtable that brought together some of the nation’s leading cardiologists, advanced care practitioners and patients.

The following resources are included in this tool:

  1. Steps to take to optimize HFrEF medications
  2. Tips on how to talk with your patients about optimizing their HFrEF treatment such as:
    • Patient goals to help frame what matters to them
    • Things to consider/questions to ask before starting a patient on a newer HFrEF medications
    • Common questions patients have about HFrEF medications
  3. Exploring co-morbidities as barriers to HFrEF care and treatment
  4. Encouraging medication adherence
  5. Helpful resources to share with your patients
  6. An “at-a-glance” guide focusing on key considerations for discussion of treatment intensification

Supported through a grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.