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Grab a mug and pull up a chair to the virtual #ACCCoffeeTable for Coffee with the ACC President. Reserve your spot each month to join ACC President Dipti Itchhaporia, MD, FACC (@ditchhaporia), and her thought-leader guests to talk about hot topics ranging from innovation and global health, to digital transformation. Questions from attendees are encouraged and each event will allow for a robust Q&A following the initial discussion.

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Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned for more 2022 discussion topics and guests. In the meantime, watch the conversations on YouTube and share your thoughts using #ACCCoffeeTable on Twitter.

  • Saturday, Jan 22: Kicking off the coffee chats of 2022, Dr. Dipti Itchhaporia and Mohamed A. El-Erian, the President of Queens' College, Cambridge University, will discuss the connection between health care & global economics, highlighting decision-making in uncertain times. Bring your questions and join the conversation!
    Mohamed A. El-ErianMohamed A. El-Erian

    Mohamed A. El-Erian is the President of Queens' College, Cambridge University. He serves as an advisor to Allianz and Gramercy, and a Professor of Practice at the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania. A columnist for Bloomberg and the Financial Times, El-Erian has written two New York Times bestsellers. He was the CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO, a Deputy Director at the IMF, and Chair of President Obama's Global Development Council.

Previous Events

  • Saturday, Dec. 4: Health Equity
    Guests: Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA, Professor, University of California San Francisco and Ed W. Childs, MD, FACS, Professor and Chairman, Morehouse School of Medicine
    Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA Ed W. Childs, MD, FACS

    Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA is the Walter A. Haas-Lucie Stern Endowed Chair in Cardiology and Professor in Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), Admissions Dean for UCSF Medical School and Director of the CeNter for the StUdy of AdveRsiTy and CardiovascUlaR DiseasE (NURTURE Center). She is President of the Association of Black Cardiologists, Inc. and the 60th President of the Association of University Cardiologists. Dr. Albert is also President-elect of the American Heart Association (AHA).

    Ed W. Childs, MD, FACS is the Professor and Chairman of Surgery at Morehouse School of Medicine. He received his bachelor's degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Texas at Dallas and his Doctor of Medicine from Texas A&M College of Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training in general surgery at the University of California-Davis. Dr. Childs co-edited Stigma and Prejudice with Dr. Rana Parekh and co-authored The Massachusetts General Hospital Textbook on Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity in Mental Health.

  • Saturday, Nov. 13: Communication, Change and Adaptation
    Guests: Randall N. Hyer, MD, PhD, MPH and Vincent T. Covello, PhD
    Randall N. Hyer, MD, PhD, MPHRandall N. Hyer, MD, PhD, MPH Vincent T. Covello, PhDVincent T. Covello, PhD

    Dr. Randall Hyer is a risk and crisis management consultant with broad experience including disease outbreaks, product safety concerns, reorganizations and downsizing, budget cuts, outbreak investigations, rogue employee mitigations, health hazard evaluations, and strategic communications. He is the Vice President for risk communication at the National Council for Radiation Protection and Measurement, advises the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, and lectures at Harvard University. Dr. Hyer has over 15 years of experience in biotechnology with vaccines, biologics, and biosimilars. As the Senior Vice President for Global Medical at Moderna, Dr. Hyer helped develop, communicate and manage the global rollout of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. In 2017, he was pivotal in engaging the scientific, medical and policy communities to help achieve FDA approval of a new adult hepatitis B vaccine (HEPLISAV-B), the first vaccine using a truly novel adjuvant.

    Dr. Vincent Covello is the founder and Director of the Center for Risk Communication. A global expert and practitioner on risk, crisis, and high stress communications, he has authored or co-authored more than 150 articles in scientific journals and the author/editor of more than 20 books. One of Dr. Covello's most popular publications is "Effective Media Communication during Public Health Emergencies" (World Health Organization, 2005). His most recent book is titled "Communicating in Risk, Crisis, and High Stress Situations: Evidence Based Strategy and Practice" (Wiley, 2021). Dr. Covello's work has been applied nationally and globally to a wide range of topics, including disease outbreaks, radiological incidents, industrial accidents, food safety, hospital emergencies, climate change, and physician-patient communications. He has held numerous positions over his career including Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University and a study director at the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Saturday, Oct. 2: Health Policy & Advocacy
    Guest: Senator Bill Cassidy, MD (@BillCassidy)
    Bill Cassidy, MDBill Cassidy, MD

    Bill Cassidy, MD, is the United States Senator for Louisiana. He attended Louisiana State University (LSU) for undergraduate and medical school, and in 1990, Senator Cassidy joined LSU Medical School teaching medical students and residents at Earl K. Long Hospital, a hospital for the uninsured. During this time, he co-founded the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic, a clinic providing free dental and health care to the working uninsured community. Following his successful efforts to lower the cost of health care, secure coastal restoration projects to protect Louisiana families from natural disasters, reform the nation's mental health system, and secure many other legislative accomplishments, Senator Cassidy was reelected in 2020 to his second term in the U.S. Senate.

  • Saturday, Sept. 25: Leadership & Team Building
    Guests: Olympic gold medalist Maddie Musselman (@maddiemusselman) and veteran US Navy SEAL and author Chris Fussell (@FussellChris)
    Maddie MusselmanMaddie Musselman Chris FussellChris Fussell

    Maddie Musselman is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in women's water polo (Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020) and three-time World Champion. She was named MVP of the 2020 Olympic Games, MVP of World Championships in 2017, and World League Super Final in both 2019 and 2021. Maddie is currently a student-athlete at UCLA studying Physiological Science. Aside from her goals of excelling in athletics, she is interested in the field of medicine and has her eyes set on medical school.

    Chris Fussell serves as the President of McChrystal Group and is a 2015 New York Times bestseller for "Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World" as well as a 2017 Wall Street Journal bestseller for "One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams." He spent 15 years on the US Navy SEAL Teams, leading SEAL elements in combat zones around the globe. Chris is also a Senior Fellow for National Security at New America, a Washington, DC-based non-partisan think tank dedicated to understanding the next generation of challenges facing the United States.

  • Saturday, Aug. 21: Food and Nutrition
    Guests: Uma S. Valeti, MBBS, FACC, (@UmaValeti) and Kim A. Williams, Sr., MD, MACC, (@cardio10s)
    Uma S. Valeti, MBBS, FACCUma S. Valeti, MBBS, FACC Kim A. Williams, Sr., MD, MACCKim A. Williams, Sr., MD, MACC

    Dr. Uma S. Valeti is the Founder and CEO of UPSIDE Foods, the world's leading cultivated meat company producing delicious meat directly from animal cells. His vision kickstarted a movement globally and his team pioneered the world's first multi-animal meat production platform to open up a multi-trillion-dollar market opportunity while inspiring a more sustainable and humane food system. Valeti was also listed as a "Global Thinker of the Decade" by Foreign Policy Magazine and is an adjunct professor in Cardiovascular medicine at Stanford University.

    Dr. Kim Allan Williams is Chief of the Division of Cardiology at Rush University and serves as Associate Dean for Faculty Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Rush University, where he focuses on recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities and women. His professional focus is on preventive cardiology, specializing in synthesizing data on CV risk and mortality due to nutrition. He has become an internationally recognized speaker, including over 200 publications, online resources, movies and lectures on the topic of cardio nutrition. Among his many accomplishments and leadership roles, Williams has served on many national committees and boards, including serving as the President of both the American College of Cardiology and the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Black Cardiologists.

  • Saturday, July 24: Digital Health
    Guests: David C. Rhew, MD (@drhew) and Sanjeev Bhavnani, MD, FACC (@SanjeevBhavnani)
  • Saturday, June 5: Global Health and Innovation
    Guests: Robert Harrington, MD, MACC (@HeartBobH) and Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM, FACC (@hmkyale)